Hogs and Dogs

This photo doesn't do the gas tank justice. Up close the wood grain is detailed and has lots of depth. After viewing the first 2-300 motorcycles, a non-skull airbrushed design was a breath of fresh air! Saw one older Moto Guzzi. Not sure what model. Plus a couple Aprilla. Nice to see Italian bikes represented. I didn't ride my Vespa to Hogs and Dogs this year. It was too hot to stay long so we left after about an hour but not before we finally bought a raffle ticket for the Victory motorcycle.

It's 1.5 miles to Hogs and Dogs from our house and I can hear the bass from the live band, while I'm on our front porch!!



View from the top!


May 8, 2014. View from the top of Rattlesnake looking east. A hazy day, not uncommon.


Today at MeowFish Pie

Keana features how she dyed my sock yarn!!!

Interview with kitkatknit

I’m being interviewed by Eliza of Shitty Kitty fame!! Below are my questions and answers. Let’s continue to play this forward. If you’d like to be interviewed (they are random questions, not a standard set), just comment.

1. Who taught you how to knit and how old were you?
My Mom taught me when I was quite young, 5-6. She learned at a knitting shop in the Burlingame/San Mateo CA area when she was pregnant with me.

2. Do you have an all-time favorite knitted item (knit by you or a gift)?
It’s long gone but my Mom knitted me a dress when I was in high school (and had the reed slim figure to wear it!). It was featured in Family Circle or Woman’s Day magazine in the late 60’s early 70’s. Mock turtle neck, long sleeved knitted in a DK or Aran weight. The body of it was 2 inch horizontal stripes alternating grey, navy, green, gold and burgandy. I think the sleeves were grey. If anyone had this pattern, Mom and I have been searching for it for years. Not to knit it again, just to remind ourselves of her accomplishment!

3. Aside from knitting, what do you do in your free time?
I spin, dye, and ride my motorscooter.

4. What is your favorite food/comfort food?
If calories and distance weren’t factored in, it would have to be my Mom’s parmigiana di melanzane sandwiches. If I could time travel it would be my grandmother’s rollata di vitello. If I am making it at home, it’s my spaghetti and meatballs, simmered all day long. Can you tell I am 1/2 Italian? My Dad is Norwegian and even though I love lutefisk, it’s not my idea of comfort food.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
It’s that Italy thing again. Avellino where my grandparents farmed before they came to the US.

Saturday Sky for March 31, 2007


Feline Friday for March 30, 2007

Rufus (Ruby’s bio-daddy)
We think he is pretty darn handsome! He was SGC under his registered show name before he ended his “male modeling career”.

With spring comes…

Baby bird egg murders. Usually by the magpies.
UPDATE – Renee wants the not iris yarn!!

And then I went to the mail box and was excited to find a package from an Etsy order. Except when I opened it I wasn’t happy with the colorway called Iris. Their online photo made it look green, brown and shots of yes – iris. In real life even in natural sunlight no iris. Well maybe 2 inches somewhere. I’ve ordered from this vendor before and love her work but today no. So up for sale half price plus postage. How about $9 total for any one that wants 246 yards of very squishy soft Dk/worsted wool that doesn’t have enough iris in it to make me happy. Maybe it will make you happy? If you want it, I’ll send you my PayPal account.
This photo shows more iris than there is in real life.

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