Think think think what to do what to do

A week ago last Wednesday’s flights went well, lots of knitting done on my Baktus. I’m now about half way down the decrease side. (though I dreamt last night I was done.) I’d brought a ball of Shibui Staccato with me to make a pair of anklets in case I finished the shawl. It wasn’t to be.

Graham is done with classes for his masters and is continuing his research and writing his thesis. Rachel is doing her masters at Boston University. Both are real hard workers and while I was visiting I hoped that I didn’t upset the study routines too much! I tried to be out adventuring every day.

Teddy, not quite ready to learn "shake"

Before I left for home I want to teach Teddy to shake. He’s almost there, his left paw goes loose, ready for me to pick it up and shake it. Wait, that’s not right… The reward? A little bit of popcorn. Better treats don’t make him work harder for this skill. I think Teddy is afraid he’s going to topple over if he doesn’t have all four paws on the floor!

Thursday I took the T north to Harvard Square for a coffee at Crema then south, my first stop being Windsor Button. I’d barely walked 10 feet through the door when I spotted their display of Madeline Tosh Sock. I fondled the purple tonal but thought no, it’s too predictable. So instead I picked a wild variegated jewel tone. Also bought a skein of Berroco Campus in a natural color for a pair of mittens.

The rest of Thursday was spent walking all over. In North End I tried to find the place with the Terrone from Avellino but it had gone out of business. I had fun shopping in the tiny Italian markets. Later I walked back to the Trinity Church/Boston Public Library area. (with a little side trip I’ll tell you about later)

Boston Public Library, a treat for the eyes!

Trinity Church reflected in the Hancock Bldg

Friday I spent the day at the Museum of Fine Arts. The place was crawling with school groups and very loud. I immediately went to the top floor of the new wing and worked my way down, against traffic. That plan worked well.

Blue Glass Bowl

Ancient Iranian Glass

Another Piece from Iran

An early Modern glass

Graham at Crema, it was a cold day, the hat stayed on!

Saturday Graham and I went back to Crema for coffee and croissant and then spent time at REI buying him new hiking boots, good walking shoes and a repair kit for his down coat (someone’s pup (not Juneau) had chewed a hole through the pocket from the inside). Then my first trip to a brick and mortar Dick Blick. I could have spent a lot of money there, but we mostly came out with Rhodia paper. Lunch at Legal Seafood, I had to have my Lobster Roll and Chimay fix. Ink shopping at Bromfield Pens (where I shouldn’t have spent money in protest of their super crappy customer service). New Levi’s for Graham at Macy’s. I made him carry all the purchases…

Atlantic shore view at Hampton Beach St Park, NH

So Sunday was open. Think think think what to do what to do. ROAD TRIP. We reserved a Prius (Rachel’s favorite) and drove to Maine for lunch. Why you ask? Because it was there. And so was New Hampshire. Even Teddy enjoyed the trip! Beautiful day for a drive and lunch. Noticed that the Kittery Maine area had about a half dozen yarn shops. Road trip with a plan for next time. Or shall next time be a lunch road trip to Rhode Island? 45 minutes!!!

Tune in later this week for the Boston/Cambridge restaurant, more yarn shopping, more coffee drinking, flight adventure report.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 20:50:38

    Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you would post more so I can enjoy your adventures.


  2. heideho
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 16:07:18

    I adore this picture of your grand pooch, but I miss your blog posts and would be beyond thrilled to see something new on Chez Kitkatknit!


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