What’s not to like?

WordPress App for iPad. I find it clunky so instead I’m going back to the original.

I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow (sunrise 7:01 am, flight 7:05 am) for Boston to visit Graham and Rachel. And the two things that keep whirling around in my head? 1) Am I bringing enough knitting to keep me occupied for 6 hours tomorrow (I can restock for the return trip) and 2) Would I rather sit in steerage with an aisle seat or up front in a middle seat (while I still have the chance to grab that center seat).

I’ve made myself a list of everything and everywhere I want to go for my visit. Came to the realization I need a few more days to do it all in. We have dinner reservations at a few favorites, Trattoria di Monica and Helmund. Tomorrow night is Similans, an East Cambridge neighborhood Thai restaurant. I think my last meal before I leave was breakfast this morning. Gotta make room!

I think Thursday is devoted to the new wing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts plus a pilgrimage to the MFA Impressionists collection. And if there is any time left in the day, a trip to the Institute of Contemporary Art. Yep, I’m one of those that appreciates Modern and Contemporary Art. Or maybe just yarn shopping…

Friday might be a walk and window shop day. Knitting at noon is a possibility. And a deep dive into the North End. I’m on a mission to find some Torrone Fratelli Oliviero from Avellino.

Saturday is an all day adventure with Graham. There’s a pen shop we both want to visit. Not that we could afford any thing there. Maybe some ink.

No plans yet for Sunday and Monday will be a half day. I’ll keep you posted of our progress!


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  1. heideho
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 17:33:06

    Hope you have the best of times in Boston!


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