Let’s just call it a sabbatical

mmm, I’ve been busy, tired, out of town, working too hard, lazy….

How about a play by play on what I’ve been up to since May 25?

May 28: We took the new car, with Juneau in back, to Cannon Beach OR. We made sure we stopped every hour or so to walk Juneau and stretch our legs. The weather at home had been blustery and drizzley for days (which doesn’t really add up in precipitation but does mess up the cars). As soon as we crossed over the coastal range and onto Hiway 101, the rain stopped and we had a glorious 4 day coast vacation.

This was our first trip to Cannon Beach without Graham and at every turn and every silly little sea shell on the beach I missed him! (Graham that now lives where you can take the Metro to like six different ocean beaches in the Boston area…) Good thing Juneau kept us entertained.

She loved the sand and the ocean. She played in tide pools and ran around in water up to her belly. She even got to jump on the bed at the hotel (a new hobby for Juneau). A few times a day she got to hang out with her new friend Bettis. He was a 6 year old Great Dane staying with his humans at another beach hotel. Knitted and spindled all during the trip while Knitting Hubby drove.

June 1: Started a work campaign that kept me out of the office (in the next town over) until mid-morning today. Luckily I had my iPad with me but sure didn’t have much time to use it. I worked a couple 55 hour weeks. Tired by the time I got home everyday, made dinner, walked Juneau, fell asleep in my lounge chair watching TV most nights.

June 17: Black Sheep Gathering with Jess, Kim and Nancy! (good thing I’d put the vacation dates on my work calendar ages ago). Jessica, Nancy and I took the train down to Eugene and Kim drove us back. (Kim took the train last year) We stayed in Eugene this time (instead of Springfield) in a fun old neighborhood just blocks from the fairgrounds. On our walk to BSG we found The Sweet Life Patisserie. It became our mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee/tea/snack stop.

Our daily breakfasts were eaten at a cute little place called the Keystone Cafe. It’s been there since 1979 and retains that 70’s funkiness. I think they lost money on us though. They sat us next to the serve yourself coffee every morning.

One evening Jessica and I walked downtown to try out VooDoo Doughnuts. Worthy of the hype? Yes.

BSG was it’s usual wonderful self. I spent most of my time in Spinners Circle (since I don’t have much spin time at home without my new assistant trying to eat it). Only bought a little roving, some corriedale that I am hand spinning singles with for a shawl and some polworth that I’m wheel spinning. Of course our last breakfast was at Ye Olde Pancake House. We can’t go to Eugene and not have a wonderful breakfast (pigs in a blanket) there. A fun relaxing fantastic trip! Knitted on Multnomah Shawl and spun to my heart’s content.

July 1: Annual road trip to Spearfish SD. Stayed in “dog friendly rooms” at hotels. That meant they were usually in the back, on the first floor, with neighbors with either dogs or babies. Can’t complain! We did fine, except someone kept hogging the bed. Juneau also figured out how to jump from one bed to the other, back and forth, then have a zoomies attack, messing up the sheets by spinning around it them. She kept herself pretty entertained! Juneau also had a good time shopping for a new collar at the Sturgis Harley shop. We were able to eat at the following restaurants on our trip, with Juneau right next to us. Juneau spent most of her time at each restaurant sleeping under the table next to her water bowl. (except for one very small incident when she hopped up long enough to take a big slurp out of my recently served soup bowl and then went right back to sleep in the shade)

Missoula MT – Wardens. Outside seating.
Bozeman MT – McKenzie River Pizza ->Park bench outside of restaurant and they served our pizza and drinks to us there even though they didn’t have real outdoor seating!
Spearfish SD – Roma’s Restaurant. We had a beautiful outdoor view looking west into the Black Hills and a great sunset.
Spearfish SD – Sanford‘s. Outdoor seating with umbrella shades.
Rapid City SD – Firehouse Brewing Co. I’d called ahead before we left home and was told there was no outdoor seating allowing dogs. When we were in downtown Rapid I decided to try again. Juneau and I noticed there were three tables out on the sidewalk not part of the usual outdoor seating at Firehouse so I asked a server if we could eat out there and she said sure!

Knitted and spindle spun all during the trip. Multnomah shawl is going soooo slow! Maybe I’ll have it done by…Christmas.

Current: work work work. Tried to start the mower several times since we returned home and it seems to be dead. Tried out a new recipe for dinner last night called “Cornhusker Casserole”. Came out great (after I made changes to the recipe).

Well that about sums it up!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeanne
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 15:44:47

    Sounds like a lot of fun (minus the work) – I hope things calm down at work and that you have a little more spinning/knitting/fun time!


  2. heideho
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 08:15:42

    Juneau is getting HUGE! Both of the trips sound like lots of fun. I don’t think “Sabbatical” is the correct term if you’re pulling 55 hour work weeks. Perhaps “Enslavement” would be more appropriate. Hope to see you sometime soon.


  3. ladyoftheloom
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 14:47:43

    Sounds like a busy time since May 25. Juneau is gorgeous!


  4. Hazel
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 20:38:21

    Glad to read your “catch-you-up-to-date” blog…sounds like you’ve been busy with a couple fun trips. Cannon Beach OR was featured on the National Geographic channel a few weeks ago…thought of you all. Juneau is growing by leaps and bounds.


  5. Kathleen
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:04:34

    Hey! I thought I was the only one who was ignoring the blog for a while! What are you doing now? Facebook nearly consumed me, so I gave up Farmville and started blogging again. Come back, come back, come back! We miss you!


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