65 lb dog, 25 lbs of accessories, no knitting

OK maybe 25 lbs is an exaggeration. Maybe not. Those XL collars do weigh more than an XS. Two tags (rabies and ID). Seat belt harness that makes Juneau look like she’s part of a SWAT team. If she doesn’t have it on, she tries to help me drive. From the drivers seat. 6′ traffic leash. And if we are going for a walk, she wears either a training lead or a Gentle Leader. She passed her STAR class on the training lead but the Gentle Leader is the best ever. Juneau is a model citizen when she wears it. When I can get it on her….

While the weather is still cool, I can take Juneau on all my errands, leaving Rufus and Ruby some time to themselves. When it gets warmer/hotter out I’ll only be able to take Juneau on errands than involve stores she is allowed in – Petsmart, Petco, Home Depot, Ranch and Home and most of the nurseries. Every night after work we go for a walk or play ball but the first place she wants to go is in the garage. Juneau loves her rides! Now that the weather is nice, I open the truck window for her and she likes a few minutes of hanging her head in the wind. So far, a few minutes 1-2 and she’s done.

So the question is, shall I add to the accessories and get her Doggles?

Last night we went to Mocha’s house so she and Juneau could play. Mocha usually goes to school (doggie day care) 2-3 days a week to burn off steam but this week is her spring break so she’s home with her brother cat KC. Mocha’s Mom invited us over every couple of weeks to get the dogs together for a good play session. Last night between running, tipping over water bowls, playing with toys, and nipping each other, they got in 1:45 of play. Darn though, instead of making Juneau tired when we went home, it kept her up playing till 12:30 am. For the second night in a row. (photo taken with Blackberry, no flash)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 15:27:28

    As well a doggles, I guess you will be getting a side car for your scooter.


  2. Jeanne
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 17:31:23

    I definitely think you should get her Doggles!

    She really has a lot of energy – I can’t belive playing made her stay up so late!

    Penny is still scared of riding in cars – we take her to the park all the time but she hates getting there.


  3. Theresa
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 03:51:38

    Oh yes, doggles please. Have you considered agility?


  4. Kathleen
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 12:14:50

    I think she would be so styling in Doggles! If you get her a pair, promise to post a pic of her!


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