Sad puppy eyes

Dear Momma’s people,
Notice my sad puppy eyes? Notice the red by my left eye? Well Momma didn’t. Not till now. Not till yesterday morning when she and Daddy voted that I needed to go see my favorite vet clinic cause I had some other stuff going on. (Really! It is my favorite. I love my vet clinic. My regular vet is Rufus’s girlfriend you know.) By last night under the big lights at the vet clinic, the red was worse. “Crums” Momma said. “It’s OK” said the vet (the one that isn’t Rufus’s girlfriend). “It will get better. You just have an immature immune system”, she said. So now I get to take orange horse pills hidden in stinky cheese, once a day. Plus Momma gets to try cooling off my icky parts with aloe vera without trying to get it in my eyes or letting me eat it. (a challenge Momma says, tee hee).

Momma also said “hey, were you listening the last 4 times we were in here and I told you Juneau had an itchy muzzle all the time?”. Or something like that. There was a lot of grumbling under the Momma’s breath. Only I could hear it though. She was also grumbling under her breath something about maybe she should spring for insurance.

Me? I’m feeling pretty fine. Fine enough to chase Ruby up her tree house. Fine enough to go on long walks with the Daddy. Fine enough to steal kitty food right from under Rufus’s nose. Right as rain (what ever that means since we don’t get much rain).



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 10:40:52

    Hope your eye is better soon, Juneau!


  2. Jeanne
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 16:59:09

    Ouch – I hope that you feel better soon Juneau (and of course you are probably enjoying the cheese with the pill!)


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