Merry Christmas from Juneau!!!

I am having a great time here with my new Mom and Dad. They say I have two modes, on and off. I like to sleep on the couch or when we go for our daily drives. Riding in Daddy’s car makes me sleepy!!

They also say I am smart because I stay on my mat when Momma is working in the kitchen. She’s like an automatic treat machine. Every time I stay on my red mat she gives me a bit of an Iams crunchy. I have her trained!!

My favorite toys so far are a big buffalo, a giant tennis ball, a Hurley bone, a dish towel I grabbed when no ones was looking and some of the toys I got out of Rufus and Ruby’s toy box. Hey, they weren’t playing with them at the time so I figured I could.

And I have two new family members here. Rufus and Ruby. Momma calls me Juneau the Fearless. (I think that’s some kind of Viking name since Granddad is a Viking (Norwegian). I like to run right up to both of them, get into my play stance butt in the air and down on my front elbows. I think they like it because they make a hiss noise when ever I do it. They don’t run away. I’ve been in a few karate fights with Rufus, but we usually call it a draw. Oh and Momma hid the secret bowl of extra good crunchies. Funny thing, Rufus and Ruby get to eat all they want of it. I still hate my crate but now I only complain for 20 minutes instead of 120.

Special hello’s go out to Cousin Teddi, Celeste, Penny, everyone at Kim’s, Honey, Pilot, Bogie, Sherman and Scarlett, and Happy and Biko and cat friends too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heideho
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 10:17:29

    Welcome home Juneau!


  2. Jeanne
    Dec 27, 2009 @ 17:23:56

    He really is so adorable – we are having a little issue with Penny and the cats – I wish they would karate chop her a little more so she would learn a little respect.


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