Post travel post

Last week went by all too fast. Every day we slept in (nice darkened hotel room and windows open full tilt in 30F weather makes for a good sleep). Then we’d meet Hazel and Linda, and sometimes Bob and Larry for coffee at the Daily Grind. A buck fifty six buys you a big mug of really good coffee plus a refill. Any refills past that are 76 cents each. It’s good coffee. So good that it and little places like it drove Starbucks out of Marshfield WI. The Daily Grind is a half block’s walk from The Kitchen Table, owned by Lloie (EZ’s other daughter). This visit she was working the front half of her restaurant and we chatted ever so briefly with her. I think we went there 2 or was it 3 times for lunch. And Graham’s origami dollar bills are still at the register.

Monday we antiqued and wandered Central – the main N/S road in Marshfield. Tuesday was a trip out of town to that great cheese factory in Randolf. Yes we bought tons.

I used the back of Linda’s driver seat as my pattern holder for my Otrebmu cowl. Knitted from the bottom up in my latest handspun. Looks great finished but a bit rough yarn wise. So I’ll be finding some alternative methods of blocking and softening it up. I haven’t downloaded the finished cowl photo yet.

Thanksgiving was a house full at Linda and Bobs. I think Linda said there were 17-18 people including the little ones. Not including Poot and Smokey the cats. Somehow the smoked salmon with capers and dill that Knitting Hubby and I brought for the pre-dinner appetizer was not run off with by the cats. Mystery. Linda made a great turkey and lots of other goodies. And every one else that brought food – it was all yummy too. The following two photos are the only one taken Turkey Day. Due to all the cooking going on and 18 people in the house, my camera lens would fog up as soon as I’d get the lens cap off. After Thanksgiving dinner, this is what most of us looked like just laying around. (this is Smokey sharing a recliner with Knitting Hubby)

Linda and I had our first invitational holiday classic no boys allowed jacks tournament. She won 10-7 in a winner takes all, one game only tournament. Neither of us could really remember the rules and the rules on box the jacks and ball came in was rather vague. Plus we played on the counter top dodging the kitchen cabinets, pies and some serving dishes. It was fun and we can’t wait to do it again!!

On the train home we again enjoyed the scenery, knitting, reading and meeting wonderful people. Our seat partners for Saturday’s dinner were fun and interesting to talk to. So much so that we spent the remainder of the evening with them. Can’t beat an evening that involved talking about artists, cats, art, traditional sign painting techniques, snow ball fights and beer till late into the evening. So if you are reading this Vance and Rosalie, thank you Vance for sharing your portfolio! And Rosalie, want to join us at Black Sheep Gathering this June?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 17:24:21

    Sounds like a most excellent trip!


  2. Jeanne
    Dec 02, 2009 @ 17:44:56

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday!


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