Travelogue 02141.2

Wow, what a wonderful day. It started out cloudy and foggy. Our yarn hunt was going to start early and we figured out a location for Knitting Hubby and I to met Dave Daniels and we’d swapped physical descriptions. You know me, Sophia Loren from 1963 looking. Actually I think I described myself as a bit lumpy, wearing jeans and not wearing a coat if it was above 55 degrees out. And Knitting Hubby as having the same haircut as Dave.

We spotted each other from about a 1/4 block away. It was like a reunion with someone you hadn’t seen in a long time but instead this was friends that had never met in person. Kind of like the Heidi story but Knitting Hubby didn’t figure Dave was an ax murderer. (you know the knitting cabin story where Heidi and I had been commenting on each others blogs for a couple of years and I invited her to knitting cabin weekend? And Knitting Hubby thought I was nuts asking “what if she’s an ax murderer” and when I told Heidi what he said, she replied “what makes you think I’m not?”) But anyway I digress.

Dave took us on a walk through the Shops at Prudential Center with it’s 3 stories of stores all under glass. Once you get inside you can shop forever with out being exposed to the weather. Then we walked down Commonwealth Avenue where we saw beautiful homes with a parkway in the middle of the avenue. (the thing in common about the homes was the wealth involved in owning one) It was followed to the east by Clarendon Park and then Boston Commons (where I saw my first grey squirrel of the trip and the pigeons that inspired color combos in one of Dave’s woven scarves). From there we went into the heart of the city at Downtown Crossing. Got to see Filene’s Dept Store, or what’s left of it which is a big hole in the ground. And for you curiosity seekers, yes we witnessed Dave snapping photos like a trained assassin for Ass Watch Wednesday. (assassin – get it??)

The humidity was at least 103% again so we stopped in a grocers to get something to wet our whistles while we waited for our first stop to open. You know me, WAY over heated all the time. We told silly stories about how we got our cats and Dave recounted what a little devil Dusty can be. And then Dave handed us a bag. A very special bag containing 8oz of a 50/50 blend of silk/merino in a very special colorway dyed by Dave. And the colorway name? Ruby Kitty. Named after our little Ruby. And just as soft as her belly down. (again sorry about cell phone pics. I don’t have software with me to edit)

And then?!?!? Our first yarn store. One that I’d heard about for years – Windsor Button. The button collection at Windsor Button is about three times the collection of Button Emporium in Portland. It also carries yarn, cording, ribbons… I’d go on but you can just click the link. It’s a fun shop. One of those dangerous ones that carries things you didn’t know you even needed.

Meanwhile we ran a wild three way dialog about yarn, dying fibers, cherry wood, dumpster diving, spinning, weaving, Seattle, public transportation, trimming cat toe nails, herringbone twill….

We took the green line to the second LYS. Again one I’ve heard of and was really looking forward to it. A Good Yarn and it was! It was a hard store to limit myself yarn wise. And you know. I don’t need any more yarn. That was until I saw the Malabrigo sock yarn in Abril. The deep blue to deep plum to deep purple colorway. Yep, bought the last two skeins. It will be a woven scarf. A Good Yarn is out in Brookline, a tree filled neighborhood. To get there you take the green line to Brookline and get off at the Puppet Showplace Theatre. Well that’s what I’d use as a landmark.

The day passed all too quickly. Dave walked us around some other neighborhoods and took us back to the green line. It was a wonderful and most memorable day. Thank you Dave from Knitting Hubby and I.

BUT that’s not all. We took the T back to our hotel to regroup and check our travel instructions. And visited the USS Constitution. I was wondering if I’d remember much of it. Yes. Most of it. It had been 40-45 years since I’d been on it. I’d seen it before with the major 1925 restoration. Since then there has been an early 1990’s restoration and the current one for Old Ironsides 200th anniversary of the Battle against the Guerriere in the War of 1812.

From there Knitting Hubby and I wandered into the North End again this time looking for Italian food. We ate at the Trattoria di Monica. Fun little place. And you know it must be good if the table of 8 behind us was speaking Italian. And the tables were so close together and the food? Very good. Extra happy taste buds? Yes.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 06:37:53

    This really was a fun day. I enjoyed being a tourist in my own home town. Glad you liked the tour and the LYS. I’ve got my souvenir yarns to remember the day.


  2. Chris
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 17:48:50

    Oh, how cool that you met up with Dave! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun.


  3. Becky
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 18:08:23

    Sounds like you are really having a great time!

    For further Isetta fix, my sister posted today about driving in the parade in Beatty, Nevada.


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