Lucky Number Seven

I came to the conclusion over the weekend that nearly every project I’ve got going (UFO and new starts) are on US7s. Why do I know? Because after digging through all my project bags and finding US7s on the following, I ran out and bought a couple more. And what’s in my never purchased KnitPicks shopping cart? US7s.
So I’ve got the “carrot cake” sweater on 7’s
A pair of mittens about 30% done on 7’s
A cowl cast on on 7’s
My 60% done Casual Cables Cardigan on 7’s
A new hat for Hattie Jane’s collection on 7’s
A Jared Flood Noro Striped Scarf at 45% on 7’s
My French Press Cozy on 7’s is done. So is Mom’s Noro One Skein Hat done in 7’s.
Good thing my 97% done Annie Stole is on 8’s.

Is 7 lucky? Don’t know. Probably about as lucky as carrying around a dead rabbit’s foot.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 16:26:57

    7’s? My needles have always been #3’s. I have over 8 pairs (at last count) of #3 dpn sock needles, and about as many long needles. So, is #3 as lucky as #7??


  2. Jeanne
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 17:04:42

    Its a good thing you have a lot of 7’s! I’m on small needles right now…1’s and 2’s…


  3. Chris
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 19:37:33

    I have a lot of 6’s and a LOT of 0’s.


  4. RAE
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 06:22:47

    French Press cozy. Do tell about the pattern!


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