Cartwheels (not me) Headstands (not me)

I hope you don’t mind that all my blogging lately is at least a week behind! Like I am so busy. First thing to catch up on was our trip the weekend of September 11-13. Do you remember the trip I took with Nancy two years ago to go whale watching and yarn crawling? Knitting Hubby couldn’t go on that trip because he was working that year in NY. Here’s the link to that trip.

Knitting Hubby was really jealous last time so as soon as the trip was offered again this year (sponsored through our recreation club at work), we made the reservations. The weather was going to be perfect and we really really couldn’t wait! We had a hotel for two nights in Anacortes WA so we had time to poke around and drink to much coffee. The tour was through Island Adventure Whale Watching. And yes I’m giving them a plug because their tours are great!

(Oh and Dave, oops sorry we forgot to kidnap you for the trip.)

So Friday Knitting Hubby and I slept in and took our time getting to Anacortes. We of course stopped at Hope Espresso in Desert Aire WA. Stopped at Hilltop East to fondle yarn and chat with Annelie who we only get to see if we stop by on a Friday. Had a leisurely lunch and hit the road again. By the time we got to Anacortes we were tired from driving and the town pretty much closes up (except for bars and restaurants) so we just hung around and knitted.

The next morning we went down for breakfast and as I turned to find the coffee, I literally nearly ran into Helene, I work with her husband. I had walked right past Dan and somehow didn’t see him. We got a good laugh out of it since we’d worked with each other all that week, knew we were both taking a 3 day weekend out of town and never put 2+2 together to figure out that we’d all be on the same trip. So that made it nice for all of us. Knitting Hubby had never met Dan and Helene and it was fun to hang out a bit with them.


Our boat left the dock right at noon. We traveled about 2 hours north and west heading into Canadian waters. About 1.5 hours out we saw our first Orca, just a small portion of J-Pod.

They were headed NW. Captains Carl and Shane figured out (via radio and sonar) that if we followed that partial pod, they’d meet up with the rest of their pod plus L and K. Sure enough the closer to Point Roberts we got the more Orca we spotted. Then they stopped the boat dead in the water. Another tour boat joined us. Our Captain had planted us right in the middle of a greeting ceremony! And I mean right in the middle. We were surrounded by Orca. They were showing off to each other, headstands, breaching, spy hopping, cartwheeling and tail slapping.

Then they started diving under our boats. We were just feet away from them.

We even got to see Ruffles (age 57) and his mother Grannie (age 98) swimming together! I have a picture of them, just need to figure out which one it was.

Needless to say, I took zillions of pictures. Well not actually zillions but about twice as many as I took of just the beluga whale during our Alaska trip in ’07. Plus some shots of Dan and Helene because they mentioned that they never get pictures of them together when they travel. Know how that goes! Here they are.

My knitting project for the trip was a French Press Cozy for my new 32 oz Bodum. It works nice.

The week before I’d knitted a winter hat for Hattie one evening.

My newest quick knit is one of the (Jared Flood) Noro Striped Scarves. Of course the original one was done a couple years ago so I couldn’t get the same deeply rich colors that Jared Flood used. Photo to follow when I get passed the half way point. I think I’m about at the 16 inch mark.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 13:04:50

    Do you always go to the wet, I mean west side via Desert Aire?

    Love your whale shots — what a great weekend!


  2. Dave Daniels
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 16:55:53

    That’s such a fun trip. And any good yarn shops?? And, we still have October. (Maybe you’ll get to meet Wally.)


  3. Jeanne
    Sep 23, 2009 @ 17:43:22

    Sounds like a great trip – gorgeous pictures!


  4. Chris
    Sep 26, 2009 @ 13:40:38

    Very, very cool about the Orca! And I love your French press cozy.


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