The adventure begins

First Rufus here. USA today thought this was news. Ya right. A cat that plays piano and “Nora” has been making the rounds on Cat-Tubes and probably even LOLCats for a couple of years but I’m not going to even go there. Snork, news. Given the chance I’m sure I could play the harp, the glockenspiel, most likely the timpani’s. As long as it’s percussion and doesn’t involve blowing on something or the use of thumbs any cat can play. What’s that? What band has an opening for a drummer? Rufus out.

About the time we’re thinking about hitting the hay tonight, Graham and Rachel will be leaving Seattle. By the time the alarm goes off in the morning, they’ll be Bostonians. They have a one bedroom apartment waiting for them in East Cambridge, MA Unfurnished.

They joined ZipCar and there is one in the next block. They’ll be a few blocks from the Charles River and their neighborhood is filled with Mom and Pop grocers and 10 pizza restaurants (well 9 if you discount Dominos). Larger grocers and a mall are less than a half mile away.

The apartment is .7 of a mile from the MIT campus and the same to the nearest T stop. The walk will be easy for them, they’re used to walking in downtown Seattle and all the hills that go straight up from Elliot Bay. And the funny thing, they’ll be living about the same distance from Dave Daniel’s neighborhood now as they did from his old neighborhood in Seattle (when Dave lived in Seattle ages ago).

Graham just called, their flight leaves in about an hour. When they checked in their luggage and Teddi the dog, the agent asked why they had all the heavy luggage. They explained they were moving to Boston and the Alaska Airlines agent waived all their luggage fees. Even the overweight luggage charge (all weighed a bit over 50 lbs each)!! They’re excited and hope they can sleep during their flight. The big adventure starts early!


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  1. Dave Daniels
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 09:30:34

    And, with the money they saved, they can get their subway passes AND a pizza for dinner!


  2. heideho
    Aug 13, 2009 @ 15:25:28

    I’m so excited for them both! How are you holding up? I mean, I know that Graham hasn’t technically lived at home for some time, but this is different than just being across the state. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cut the proverbial umbilical chord with my girls. I’ve given them explicit directions to all go to the same college. I’ll buy us a house where ever that is and be their house mom. Hugs from over yonder!

    p.s., tell Rufus that I’m more impressed with the fact that Nora hasn’t freaked out doing television shows and traveling than I am that she can play the piano.


  3. Lnda in Wi
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 07:39:31

    Sounds like quite and adventure for them, I even want to go. Glad to hear your mojo is back.


  4. Jeanne
    Aug 16, 2009 @ 05:53:47

    How exciting – best wishes for Graham and Rachel in their move! And sending you positive thoughts – it must be hard to have him so far away…


  5. Karen
    Aug 19, 2009 @ 05:20:07

    Maybe Randy and I will have that luck when we move to Ecuador!


  6. Chris
    Aug 19, 2009 @ 16:11:27

    You go, Rufus!

    Hope that Graham and Rachel are getting settled in!


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