The other countdown

About seven years ago I started suffering from what I was calling para-empty nest syndrome. Being a worry wort about Graham, our only child, was going to be going off to college. At the time we didn’t know where and I was missing him all ready. By the time he was a senior in high school and we knew he’d be just 4 hours up the freeway, I calmed down and only had a couple of major sobbing fits when we’d drive away from his dorm or apartment. Empty nest was comfortable.

Now Graham is moving 3000 miles away and knowing he’ll be leaving in a month is starting to hit. He came home for the weekend and left this afternoon. He worked on cleaning his room and we looked at apartments in Boston. He got to goof off all weekend (except for the couple of chores we had him do like washing the Mini and pulling weeds).

Friday night his bus came in at 10:15 (45 minutes late), Knitting Hubby and I went down to pick him up and we hit our favorite taco spot. Graham is afraid he won’t be able to find good ol’ real Mexican food in Boston.

Knitting Hubby had to work on Saturday so Graham and I adventured all day. First we unloaded the Mighty Wolf and rolled her into the “studio”. Here is one more quick cell phone photo.
loom again

We started the day with the farmers market buying plums, cherries, and beets. Followed by window shopping at the Harley and sport bike dealership. After that Graham picked out new glasses frames. Of course he started out with the classic engineering glasses from the ’70s. But he figured they weren’t edgy enough for engineering at MIT.nerd copy

Narrowed his choices down to 4, then down to 2 and choose these.

When ever Graham comes home, I try to cook his favorites and we also try to take him out to our old hangouts. Lunch on Saturday was Sushi Mori If you want to see some creative spelling click on the Sushi Mori hotlink above.

Graham had filled the back of the pick up in June when he moved out of his apartment. If filled his room at home. He spent most of the rest of Saturday sorting – toss, Goodwill, save, and maybe ship to Boston. The room is looking pretty good.

At our house we’ll eat almost anything. Knitting Hubby thinks I’m nuts though cause I’ll for example eat eel but won’t eat peppers. Last week I’d sent this picture to Graham asking if he wanted to try it over the weekend. Just called Baby Octopus Salad on the sign at our local market. These are the size of a large thumb and marinated in a sweet red asian sauce and sesame oil He wrote back a double dare, he’d try it if I did.

They were fantastic!!! Knitting Hubby even liked them!!

Graham worked as a bike mechanic for a summer a few years back. And he used his skills for three years designing and building utility recumbent trike for the HPVC (Human Powered Vehicle Challenges) each spring. You might notice if you click that link, that Seattle University show up in the top three almost every year of the competition. My recumbent trike needed a major tune up and Graham was happy to do it. The trike is up for sale if anyone is interested (pick up only).

Sunday we took Graham clothes shopping, read the fine print on MIT’s health forms, viewed Boston apartments online. Meanwhile I had a pot of bolagnese sauce simmering on the stove. It went on a little late – 10 am for 7 pm dinner. After dinner Graham went out for a few hours with a couple high school friends. Actually? He’s known Austin since they were 5 and Mari since they were 9.

I took Monday off, Graham had his eye checkup, KH had to work but was able to meet us for lunch at Woo’s Teriyaki. I always have #37. Then we just drove around town trying to find areas that we’d never adventured before. Graham’s bus back to Seattle was scheduled to leave at 2, they made very good time until a few miles outside of town. This is probably the last visit home before he moves to Boston from here. The next month is going to fly by. Sigh.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 09:05:43

    Aha! You have a local contact in Boston. He’ll have TWO great Mexican restaurants right near MIT. Picante Mexican Restaurant and Boca Grande Restaurant
    You’ll have a great time when you come out to visit. I know just the place for local sea food and a spicy bloody Mary. Woohoo!


  2. Chris
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 12:42:19

    I was thinking that Dave would be a great Boston contact, and there he is, chiming in. 🙂


  3. Jeanne
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 17:40:29

    It must be hard to have him move cross country – but that will give you a great excuse to come visit the east coast!


  4. heideho
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 12:51:04

    Perhaps a cross country fiber road trip with 8 or so of your closest friends is in order! Were the octopi chewy or tender?


  5. Kathleen
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 19:23:30

    I love mariscos, including little octopus, but hmmm…I gotta say that this baby octopus salad makes me think twice about what I might eat tomorrow…I’ll eat peppers, but not eel.


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