At long last, BSG

The story continues. And when I post again I’ll only post current events!

The week after graduation was Black Sheep Gathering. This year it was just Jessica, Kim and me. Nancy had used up all her vacation in the late spring when she was suffering from the creeping lung crud. Jessica and I left early on the Thursday and putzed down to Eugene, doing some window shopping and never finding a place for lunch. We luckily had packed some emergency provisions so we didn’t starve to death. Kim came down Friday on the train.

Even though we were staying at the same hotel as last year, we weren’t too sure how to get there. Last year google maps never failed us so I typed in the request and google gave me the direction. Except at the first major intersection it told us to go left instead of right so we went straight. Nice tour of Springfield!! Nice tour of a couple of parking lots. Found our place, checked in and spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what to have for dinner! Mazzi’s Italian Restaurant. The food and the outdoor dining was so wonderful that I forgot to take pictures. GASP! Me forget? Here is a good slide show on Mazzi’s webpage to give you an idea. I must confess I forgot to take a lot of pictures that weekend. There was just so much going on that I left my camera bag locked in the car and just occasionally used my iPhone. On the days I didn’t have class I made sure I reserve us seats in the spinners circle. I could have spent my entire time at Black Sheep Gathering there.

Jessica had an all day class on Friday, I spent the day watching demo’s, spinning, walking all over and spending a bit of coin. mmm, no pictures of the goods either. Easy fix on that one though, I just need to take out my camera when the sun is out. Which it is every day now until November. Mid afternoon I picked up Kim at the train station. Friday night we had our now traditional dinner at the Rogue Brewery. Last year the parking gods looked out for us and we found an empty spot right in front of the door. This year, we had to walk clear across the street!

Saturday was a wonderful day spinning in spinner’s circle, wandering the grounds again. We didn’t go to the fleece sale, none of us needed any, weren’t even tempted. Not to mention we had no room in the car. Jessica was in class in the afternoon. That evening we went out for dinner at LaPerla Pizza. Yum!

Sunday Kim and I took the Natural Dyeing all day class taught by Laura Cunningham. Both of us were disappointed and didn’t feel we got our $95 worth out of the class. Maybe $25 but not $95. Actually now I’m thinking maybe $5. We got a 1 page hand out (front and back) with a few notes on the front and suppliers on the back. We spent most of the morning watching mordent water simmer with our 8 tiny hanks of yarn. The afternoon we dyed. And it was fun to watch the wool take the colors. But my complaint? We didn’t use any “natural” dyes – she had bags of marigold flowers, sprigs of staghorn fern etc but instead all we did was watch Laura dump varying amounts of dye extract in the pots. Dye extract that she sells. Dye extract that she had kits for and was selling to people in the class. It reminded me of the Vega-Matic salesman at the county fair. Next time??? I’ll personally call the instructor and ask a few very pointed questions. Oh and the class got out early, real early. Ok rant over.

SInce it was going to take us 6+ hours to drive home we took that opportunity to hit the road early. Dropped Kim off first, then I drove home from Jessica’s. Got home around 11. I enjoyed BSG very much again, want to return again next year and loved the company of my best knitting buddies!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 03:09:16

    That sucks about the dye class. Yeah, for the money, you could have stocked up on your own supplies that’d last you a while. I’m always a little suspect of things like that to begin with, and your (unfortunate) experience confirms it.


  2. Chris
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 05:58:18

    Yowza! That’s a crazy price for a dyeing class. I hope you had the chance to fill out a feedback form.


  3. heideho
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 09:45:55

    It sounds like fun. That’s a lot of money to pay just to get a sales pitch. The least she could have done was give you free intructions to create your own natural dyes and then let you each have samples of the extracts she’s made. Wish I could have been there… at the rest of the adventure, not the dye class.


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