Turn left at the two headed calf

Ok so yes we made it back a couple of times to the Common Ground coffee shop with the free wifi, but no I didn’t post. Too busy keeping up with the news and emails. Oh well. I did get some knitting done right before we got to South Dakota and I finished spinning 4 oz of merino (at least that is what it was marked) on the Hitchhiker.

What Hitchhiker you ask? The one I bought used two weeks ago for traveling! I tried it out the Sunday before we left when the usual spinning group (plus Penny on her new Ashford Traveler) met under our favorite shade tree on the Columbia River. KH with his Matchless, Kim with her Louet, Penny on her Ashford, Jessica on her Lendrum and me on my HH. If Nancy had shown up with her Spinolution we would have covered most of the popular wheel manufacturers. Hitchhiker spins great, just need to try out plying before I can give the full review as a travel wheel. The good news is that it is very portable yet steady (unlike the Victoria). It fits in a Lowes Hardware reusable tote bag with plenty of room for a small lazy kate and extra roving. Have you seen the Hitchhikers finished by NorthernDyes on Ravelry? Beautiful stains and wood burning.

Monday we mostly stuck around town. There is an old fish hatchery in Spearfish. KH hadn’t been there since he was a little kid. It has been turned into a historical site and was extremely interesting. Fish from the hatchery were sent by train in ice temperature controlled cars to the east coast.

Here’s a couple of local Spearfish llamas. Cute!

We did take a drive up Spearfish Canyon, pretty any time of year. Had lunch at one of casinos in Deadwood. I was going to drop some of my lucky quarters into the slot machines until I found out that they are no longer coin machines. I really dislike the new paper machines that automatically add any of your fake winnings to your credits. So we just played the penny machines. If we weren’t going to hear any coins fall, it didn’t matter if we were betting pennies. After lunch we drove east of Deadwood to wander around our property we own.

Tuesday we drove to Sturgis on our annual Harley parafanalia buying trip. KH picked out a couple ’09 rally t-shirts and I found a Harley motorcycle jacket in my size on the women’s clearance rack.

Wednesday KH and I spent the day in Rapid City. Visited his undergraduate Alma Mater the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Visited the Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post. Visited Stavkirk. I’ve shown you pictures of Stavkirk before.

What I haven’t shown you is that Ole and Leana have a cabin on the property. You all know Ole and Leana don’t you? I never knew Leana was a spinner! Here’s pictures of her wheel and of her skein winder.

Tried to visit Rapid City’s only yarn shop that opened two months ago – Castle Fibers, but it had closed 30 minutes before we got there. We’d never been to a Cabelas so we drove out to exit 61 and looked around in the Rapid City Store.

We left early on Thursday morning. We always take the I-90 route thru Sheridan WY on our return route. We have never had the wonderful atmospheric conditions that we did that morning. For the first time we got to see Devil’s Tower

Instead of our usual breakfast at the Gillette WY Village Inn House of Pancakes, we held out until we got to Sheridan and ate and got lattes to go at a cute little main street café called Java Moon. To get there you turn left at the two headed calf.

Even with our stops to stretch we made it to Bozeman quite early. We picked up our truck, and since we had two vehicles for a while, KH and I split to do our own window shopping. I of course wanted to visit the two downtown knit shops. Both are just off main street. The first one – Stix Yarn is underground. I thought it was just one giant selection on one floor, but no, the basement store had a sub-basement! Very nice store, very nice yarns, Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Ella Rae, Manos, too many to even remember. They had sweater amounts in nearly ever color in all the lines they carry. And lots of samples knitted up. I got to see my first Swallowtail shawl up close and personal. Yum! I bought some Ella Rae’s in 3 different greens to weave a scarf from.

The second shop was across Main and right behind Ted’s Grill (Ted Turner’s restaurant). WOW and I mean WOW. The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place was spectacular. They have a great selection of indie hand dyed roving and yarns, natural colored handspun and mill spun wools and a current show of weavings from a retrospective show honoring long-time Bozeman fiber artist Karin Utzinger. I didn’t look at their knitting yarn displays because from across the room I spied a brand new Schacht Baby Wolf and a Matchless. I almost didn’t recognize the Baby Wolf because it was a 4 harness and didn’t have the dark gold patina my 8H has. They also carry a few different brands of rigid heddle looms and table looms. I was very impressed with their selection of boat and stick shuttles, raddles, and the most temples I’ve ever seen at one time. They carry more than Weaving Works. They also carry the full line of Harrisville Design Shetland and Highland, tons of cottons, linens and chenilles. You know who’ll be getting my orders from now on! I practiced restraint and only came home with three bundles of indie dyed roving. I’d tell you who the artist is but I don’t want any competition when buying from her.

One last stop on our trip home. Paradise Fibers in Spokane. Just a quick hint. Do not use Google Maps to try to get there. Just turn left at Trent from Freya and its the business behind the Adult book and toy store.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessalu
    May 31, 2009 @ 07:30:48

    Wow your pics bring me back – we drove from our home in Massachusetts to Gillette last summer for the pyrotechnic convention (and back – it was a very loooong trip). I saw your first picture and was like, HEY that’s prairie! ;o)


  2. Chris
    May 31, 2009 @ 07:50:09

    Wow – quite the adventure! That calf is CREEPY. And I love how Devil’s Tower manages to look like it’s been Photoshopped into any picture I’ve ever seen of it!


  3. Miss T
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 07:25:03

    Fun. I love that part of the country!


  4. Karen
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 17:32:00

    OMG.. behind the adult bookstore and toy store… now is that a toy store for adults or children…? seems like a oxymoron if its a toy story for grown ups… kimd of like in West Richland where they had the State Liquor store next to the daycare! Maybe I could do the table loom… I just realized I missed the sock class at the sheep place… man they are never going to let me take a class, I think this is the second one I have missed!


  5. rita n/
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 09:47:01

    sorry we missed you!
    hugs from castle fibers


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