Snap Crackle Awwwk!

Snap? That’s the sound you hear when your KnitPicks Harmony US2 circs break on the way to a double header regional basketball tournament and the only other toy on hand is your iPhone. Crackle is the sound my brain was making trying to digest the fact that I wouldn’t be knitting for 6 hours. Awwwk! was my verbalization of the event. I’d imagined I’d be winging my way past the heel and the gusset and on my way to the foot of sock one. Dang phooey! The wood snapped right at the join. The basketball games ended up being top notch entertainment though.

I’ve been celebrating turning 168 in cat years for the past couple of weeks. Last night Blogless Kim and Haven’t Started Any New Knitting in 09 Jessica brought me nice pressies, tussah/wool roving and seacell/wool roving AND Kim gave me the candy of the gods – a box of Good and Plentys and a box of Mike and Ikes originals. In movie sized of course! Camera battery blinked and died while I was snapping the photos shown below. I’ll take roving pics in the next couple of days.

Graham knows how to win the heart of his Mom. He gave me a cool flowered knitting project bag AND Wayne Thiebaud notecards. I’d love to frame them and the cat card he gave me. The cats gave me a jar of raspberry peach champagne jam.

Knitting Hubby too knows the way to my heart. He gave me a bracelet from my favorite jewelers Lew Allen & Lew Allen Jewelry in Santa Fe. And a sampler noddy. It’s calling out for silk isnt’ it!

Anyone keeping score on Graham’s letters of acceptance from grad schools? He’s up to four of them now. The holy grail of engineering grad school letters came Thursday morning. He called me at my office. Mom, MIT, I’ve been accepted at MIT!!!!! I thought I was going to burst! I had to close my office door (and let me tell you how happy I was that they finally moved out my office mate the week before) I was beyond happy dance. Stunned? Yes. Tears?? Yes. Knitting Hubby stunned? Yes. All of us still stunned today? Yes!!!



10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Mar 01, 2009 @ 19:39:58

    Oh, congrats to Graham on the MIT acceptance! Wow.

    Happy birthday, belatedly. You got lovely gifts.


  2. heideho
    Mar 01, 2009 @ 23:05:15

    Whoo hoo on MIT! I’m doing a happy dance in my chair right now too just thinking about your Proud Mama Moment. The broken needle sucks.


  3. aija
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 11:33:28

    Congrats to Graham and your whole family– what an amazing achievement 🙂


  4. Jeanne
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 15:39:16

    Congrats to Graham (and you) – how exciting!

    Sorry about the broken needle – but great presents.


  5. Roselle
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 23:39:17

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  6. Miss T
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 11:10:24

    Congrats, Graham!

    Great gifts. LOVE those notecards.


  7. Hazel
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 18:09:16

    Congratulations Graham! What an achievement! And Happy Birthday (gotta get my birthday calendar marked for the year). hls


  8. Roxie
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 07:41:20

    Yay Graham! But MIT isn’t much of a basketball school, is it?

    Awesome gifts! Even the cats did a good job.

    Broken Knitpicks needle? Major bummer! Is it one of those pretty colored ones? What can be done with that pretty wood? Hmmmm. . .


  9. Dave Daniels
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 11:14:09

    Happy belated birthday!
    And congrats on the MIT thingy. 🙂 I know the perfect place we can all meet up to celebrate with bloody Mary’s.


  10. jessie
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 11:15:11

    Happy belated birthday. I can totally feel your pain: sports spectating without knitting. I haven’t had a problem yet, but if I lost a needle, wrestling tournaments would be a whole lot less enjoyable….

    Congratulations on MIT!


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