A week’s worth

I guess before I can post about this weekend I’d better catch up with last weekend. Where did the time go? The rest of LAST weekend went like this…After dinner on Friday I scrambled around trying to figure out what project to bring to FNKN. Sure, I could have brought one of my many sweaters vacationing on Sleeve Island or I could have tried digging again for my lost Annie stole. Instead I grabbed some pale purple merino sock yarn, a couple of KH’s US2 circs and headed out the door. About halfway to FNKN I 1) remembered where my US2’s were (I had put them away where they belonged) and 2) remembered I wanted to start my Taos vest from my hand spuns. Well #2 was going to take a bit more planning so the socks were the best bet.

KH and I stayed at FNKN until about 9:15 pm and then left for a late night movie. Late for us since we tend to go to matinee’s. Late only because the movie we wanted to see was only playing on one screen at 9:40 pm nightly and was probably only going to stay the week so we needed to see it while we could. It was a Friday night and there were only 8 people total in the room. Any movie that is the least bit artsie, controversial, indie, or GOOD, seems to be shown here as a very limited engagement. Movies like Paul Blart Mall Cop stick around until they are released in DVD. (no I have not seen Paul Blart). We saw the movie “Milk” about Harvey Milk, the gay rights activist and SF Board of Supervisors member that was gunned down along with Mayor George Moscone by fellow San Francisco Supervisor Dan White in 1978. We were not going to spend an additional $8 on a little bag of popcorn no matter how good it smelled so we made it when we got home. By the time we got to bed it was 1:30 am.

Saturday was the local annual Son’s of Norway Lutefisk dinner!!! This year we invited a few friends and John, Jennifer and baby Hattie Jane joined us. Hattie tried a few of the foods, the potatoes, the Swedish meatballs, maybe even a sliver of Lutefisk but the food she enjoyed the most was the green beans. YUM! I think the cookies may have come in a close second though. Thanks J,J and H for joining us!!! It is our tradition to then stop by to visit Judie at the Sheep’s Clothing and bring her some cookies. Usually the cookies are served in a small paper tray that can easily be taken away from the dinner. This year though they just served the cookies as part of the dinner. So sorry Judie, we were forced to eat our cookies at the dinner.

When we returned home I finished plying the BFL I had on my Lendrum. Something has been weird with this BFL. I mentioned to Blogless Kim that I thought that the roving was marked wrong because it didn’t appear to be filling my bobbins at its usual rate. Then last night before I wet finished it I weighed it. No it is 4 oz but I only got 165 yards out of it and it seems to be the same WPI as when I get 265 – 300 yards out of 100 grams! Call me crazy I guess.

Last Saturday night Jennifer asked a few of us over for a girl’s wine and cheese night. It was fun just talking girl stuff. I left pretty early though because I didn’t want to be driving too late on the frozen fog covered roads. Sunday? Not a whole heck of a lot.

WednesdayI found a fun sock pattern on Ravelry called Little Thorn. It’s a textured rib sock with contrasting top, heels and toes. Found a skein of Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters in Mountain Twilight and then had to dig 3-4 times to find something that contrasted in a fun way. Rust orange handspun!! That got me started. I put my other paler purple socks on hold. One can never have enough purple socks. twilight

Time once again for Friday Night Knit Night. Talk to you soon I hope!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 11:34:15

    You have been busy!!!


  2. heideho
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 21:31:00

    Wow, you’ve been quite the little social butterfly. My parents love going to the annual lutefisk festival near them. I can’t wait to see your little thorns.


  3. Roxie
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 08:28:01

    Lutefisk – now THERE’S an acquired taste! Do you take yours with mustard or curry sauce? Love the way you get another project on the needles, then another, then . . . I’m looking forward to pictures.


  4. Miss T
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 12:19:13

    Despite living in the heart of lutefisk territory, I just can’t imagine eating it.


  5. heideho
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 18:57:54

    Happy birthday!


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