Where abouts revealed

Heide figured it out. Too bad I wasn’t having a contest! Yes I took a quick trip to Pendleton OR on Friday afternoon to look at a car. And you can’t go to Pendleton without going to the woolen mills can you? By the time I was done with the car stuff, driving down town to the mill, and parking, I was late (by 5 minutes) for the last tour of the day. Darn. I visited with Sir Wooliam for a bit and then headed into the mill ends room.
When Graham was small and I used to sew a lot, we’d come down here and I’d buy mill ends and make Dave and Graham vests. Very nice vests. There were nice mill end 1 yard pieces but all I came away with were some cones. $8.99 ea no matter how much was left. I haven’t weighed mine yet. 3600 yd/lb.
While I was poking around I noticed someone headed into the factory part of the building and I told her I’d just missed the tour by 5 minutes. She said she’d take me on a 1st floor tour (weaving, cutting room and shipping) but couldn’t take me to the 2nd floor (picking, carding, spinning), I’d have to do that on an actual tour. I figured one floor was better than no floor! It was great having a personalized tour. I’ll come back some other time and be on time.



What you saw in the teaser photo was a giant pile of cut blankets that were in in QA and then going to be sent off to be fulled. On the way home, right after I crossed the Columbia River back into Washington, the sun set with Mt Hood in the distance was wonderful. You can see the conical shape of Mt Hood, 200 miles away, just right of center on the horizon. I love volcano’s!!!

Our weather changed last week, melted most of the snow. It made for a nice walk in the park again today to look for the eagles. This view of Rattlesnake Mountain was taken from as far west as you can go on Horn Rapids road (for you locals).

Bad news is that it rained on top of the melting snow, plus was warm up in the mountains. The state is suffering floods all over the place. We live up on a hill about 1/2 mile from the Yakima River. It left it’s banks last night some time. When I drove the main road today it was down to two lanes and there were trucks out doing some kind of water control. There are usually three horses and a calf in this field.


Remember on our Portland trip I bought some wool to weave a mostly green scarf? Well I got as far as sleying the reed last night. Today I finished warping and weaving. I just have the fringe twisting and the fulling to go. Got lots done while I watched DVDs. When I got home from my walk yesterday the cable tv was off. A contractor building a house behind us cut the cable with his back hoe. Smart. Real smart.


So where was Knitting Hubby while I was having all this fun? In New Mexico. He has zillions of hours more of vacation than I do and zillions of freq. flier miles so he decided to use a few and go to one of our favorite towns–> Santa Fe. I printed out the maps to the knitting shops before he left of course!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 06:16:30

    Wow – look at all the yarn on those cones! That ought to keep you out of trouble for a while.

    Is there any chance that you’ll get flooded?

    I LOVE Sante Fe and Taos. Lucky KH.


  2. Hazel
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 08:29:35

    Is this the home of “the Pendelton jacket”, of which I had one back in the 50’s and still remember how well made it was and in the colors I love…wonder where and when that fell by the wayside. Hope KH has a great time in Santa Fe! We used to camp in the national park at Mt Hood. Hazel


  3. heideho
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 16:29:18

    Glad you’re on a hill, that’s a lot of water. Several years back I bought several huge bags of remnant strips from the Pendleton outlet store in Washougal. I then crocheted them into a rag rug. My family said it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. I sold it on ebay so they’d stop complaining about it.
    picture near bottom of post


  4. Jeanne
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 18:36:36

    The Pendleton mills sounds amazing – and love the yarn you bought! I hope you stay about the floods – that’s a lot of water! Love the weaving…


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