Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!

I just wonder how many other bloggers are using that title today? The snow started up again here at about 8 pm last night. Tiny little flakes so it takes a while for it to pile up. Still snowing this morning. Our roads never get plowed, rarely get sanded ever since the sanding truck rolled down 45th in a snow storm a few years back. We witnessed it!!! It was awesome!!!!! It was so cool that we stood out in the 13F cold and watch for an hour while the city tried to figure out how they were going to get it upright, while on a very steep hill. Let me just say the solution was good ol’ physics. I love physics!! Oh and they used real long cables from the bottom of the hill hooked to huge trucks and had to snap the cables.

Graham’s quarter ended on the 10th but he’s been working with his senior design team on their capstone project. He came home Friday on Greyhound rather than us brave the bad highways to Seattle and back. Did you see this dramatic news photo from Seattle on Friday? I recognized the exit right away since it is probably our second most used one in Seattle. Guess Seattle is pretty much closed down for the day.

The cat kids have been getting restless, trying to find some new fun. No Ruby, Maine Coon butts do not fit in Josef Seibel (men’s) shoe boxes.

All this cold has had me in the mood to make hearty fare for dinner. Except I didn’t plan far enough ahead for tonight so I’m thinking I’ll have Graham hike up to the grocers for some chicken breasts for chicken wild rice soup for tonight. Last night I made a pork and cabbage casserole.

Knitting Hubby’s birthday was Wednesday and gee, an Ashford 40cm Rigid Heddle Loom was just the ticket!!! He’s busy planning his stash busting and looking at a bunch of examples on Ravelry. My dark brown Harrisville Design Shetland hasn’t arrived yet so I warped up the Baby Wolf with another (and true) stash buster scarf. This time I used two skeins of Araucania Ranco Multi for both the warp and the weft. And I tried the new to me “reed out of the loom” sleying method. OMG it was so fast and ergonomic. No bending over in an awkward position over the breast beam. And it just took minutes rather than what seemed to be hours. And my warping boy was home so he helped with sleying the heddles and again that took probably less than half the time as usual.

Is it time to celebrate the days getting longer in the northern hemisphere? It sure is! That means it’s also time to use the random number generator at Random.org to pick the winner of the Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. And the winner is…….

Number 33, Jeanne over at Jeanne Knits!!!! Jeanne looks like she is sitting in some serious snow and needs more wool socks since her sock meter says she doesn’t have any on the needles right now. It’s even snowing on her blog site. Congratulations!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pdxknitterati
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 11:01:41

    That is a scary bus picture!

    What is it with cats and boxes? Ours is sitting in a box right now, too. It’s either that, or sitting at the window, looking at the birds. I threw seed on top of the snow/ice.

    Stay warm!


  2. Chris
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 12:29:10

    Belated happy birthday to KH!! Stay warm and dry out there. It’s cold and snowy here, too – but nothing like that bus! Yikes.


  3. heideho
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 12:57:50

    Happy birthday Dave! Hope you stay warm and safe. I’m not a snow fan. My kids are driving me insane.


  4. Jeanne
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 15:32:33

    Thank you! I’m so excited about winning! Happy Birthday to KH! I hope you stayed warm and dry this cold, snowy weekend!


  5. Turtle
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 15:43:51

    congrats to jeanne! Hubby saw the buses hanging yesterday…nuts! No plows on our road in port o either, got 6 inches hursday, 9 1/2 last night and it is still snowing quite hard! cleaned off my jeep as hubby may steal it in the morning for work. He HAS to go in…stubborn man! enjoy your snow!


  6. justsocks
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 13:32:19

    Maine Coon butts fit in _every_ box, you know?
    Even if it looks like not even a mousie would fit into it, a determined 14.5 lb. Coon will manage. Somehow. Upside down, if he must.
    Ever seen that “must_fit_into_box”-look on a Coon? 🙂


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