Sheep’s Clothing Holiday Party

Ok for some reason WordPress ate my last post for a day. It was there for a while on Friday morning then disappeared for about 10 hours then showed up again. Too weird. So it looks like all I wrote was on Friday when it was actually on Thursday. That hasn’t happen in a long time.

I’d finished the woven scarf on Thursday, washed it up and dried it. Rufus helped with the fringe. Yesterday took the finished product pictures. Here it is!

Knitting Hubby’s flights all went well so he was home with just enough time to shower, change clothes and head to the LYS holiday party. I somehow forgot to take a picture of all the food. An unbelievable amount of great tasting hot dishes and spreads. Kelly had even made home made mac and cheese. YUM!!! When was the last time you had mac and cheese that didn’t come from a box? We had our traditional Christmas exchange and somehow for third year in a row I got the last number. The person that picks the last gift. How’d that happen? Knitting Hubby was #5 so he was able to sneak attack and grab one of those Debra’s Garden needle sizers.

Poor Colleen was picked on all night. She’d originally opened a gift that contained the cutest little stuffed sheep, a couple skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca and some knitting accessories. She fell instantly in love with the sheep. Right in the middle of bonding with the little fella, it was stolen! Without remorse I might add. With gloating. Colleen was heartbroken, she already had forged a strong emotional bond with the little stuffed sheep toy.


Joann opened the largest box. It was filled with all sorts of goodies including a mug and teas.

If I hadn’t of been so nice, I would have stolen the purple Pagewood Farms Yukon sock yarn right out of Kelly’s hands. I know how soft that Merino/Bamboo blend is because I was wearing my scarf at the party!

Why is Judie smiling? Because she picked the present that contained not only yarn but a pattern she’d written that she sells at the shop. She was eventually rescued and got something else.

Eventually all was well. Since I had the last steal or open gift, I grabbed this great Nestucca Bay sock yarn. In turn, in about 4 generations of steals, Colleen was able to steal back her beloved little sheep and all was well! Thanks again Cassandra for hosting a great party!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 14:24:50

    Oh, the stress, the stress!! Aren’t those stitch gauges great?


  2. Jeanne
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 16:21:26

    The scarf is beautiful! Sounds like a great party!


  3. Tracy
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 20:35:26

    That Nestucca Bay sock yarn is beautiful.


  4. beth
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 10:39:32

    Your scarf is lovely! My local spinning guild hosts a gift exchange too. But we all get 4 oz of roving or yarn to make something out of then exchange. Our meeting was cancelled this year and we won’t exchange until January!!!! EEK! I can’t wait that long! I got a beautiful shawl last year.

    I make homemade mac and cheese all the time. I look forward to the box kind every now and then. I know, it’s gross.


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