Onward into the fog …warping wise

Good thing Knitting Hubby flew out yesterday on business instead of this morning. Flights were delayed (but still going out) in this week’s version of pea soup. This time the fog was dense and thick enough that it had crawled up the hill to our house. You could look directly over head and see clear skies though. The fog was so thick I really had to look for the lights at May’s Espresso shack, my Tuesday morning stop.

Ok granted it has been a long time since I warped a floor loom. But it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did last night to sley the reed. I haven’t even gotten to the heddles. Something tells me I should have warped the Baby Wolf from back to front instead of front to back but I’m not about to start over. Who are these people that can warp a scarf’s width in 2 hours??? I didn’t even have more help than a little snoopervising from the cat crew. They were too busy watching Kung Fu Panda (rated cute and silly). I started winding the warp at 6:30, took a little dinner break at 8 pm and then worked for a couple of hours past that. I can see a few things I am going to do different next time. Here I was in fantasy land and thought I’d have it warped last night, would be weaving tonight and would be wearing the stole on Friday to our knitting group’s holiday party! I’m thinking not. I am just glad I’m warping with sock yarn, something easy and non-fussy.

Oh, the Turkey Day report! Graham drove home with his girlfriend, and her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend and her sister’s dog. The girls ending up doing a lot of shopping over the 4 day weekend so Graham was around the house more than usual. Which was good because he had reading for Theology to do and he was working on his grad school applications. He finished his application to Stanford this weekend and still has the apps to MIT, UMich, Texas at Austin, UC Berkeley and a few other of the Cal schools to go. I’m not 100% sure but I think I’ve listed them in his order of preference.

We didn’t cook a very big meal. Over the years my holiday cooking has been pared down to the essentials. Turkey, salad, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, gravy and oyster dressing. No green vegetable cause I just didn’t feel like dirtying one more pot. Graham made a fantastic caramelized pear salad. I’ll post the recipe when he sends me the pictures. Somehow I never brought out a camera while I was cooking.

Somehow recently I had hosed the operating system on my MacBook and the only thing that was going to make it better was a clean install. So over the weekend I backed up what I could (and what I hadn’t already previously) and loaded Leopard. Guess it was time for the new operating system anyway! My older copy of iWork should work since the version was one for the Intel Macs. But for some reason I thought iPhoto was part of Leopard and it’s not. Can I live without it? We’ll see. I have the newest Photoshop Elements and I mainly used iPhoto for downloading and viewing before I manipulated the photos in Elements anyway. I’ve always liked Picasa better than iPhoto anyway (gasp) but it still isn’t available for the Mac (though it was rumored last January that it would be). Leopard immediately recognized my Canon DSLR and gave me some options on what I’d like to do with the photos and what kind of meta information to attach. Nice! Not a feature that was in Tiger that I am aware of.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I finished knitting a holiday present for someone but since it’s a surprise I can’t post more than this until Christmas. Picture of the finished object has already been taken. I did a couple sampler weavings this weekend on the Good Wood Loom. Just big enough to be bookmarks, One was to see how the colors would come out on the sock yarn (Pagewood Farms) that is being warped on the Baby Wolf right now and the other was out of some Harrisville Design Highlands wool. I washed up the HD Highlands and wow does it get soft. Knitting Hubby has been busy knitting too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Dec 02, 2008 @ 20:05:46

    I can completely relate to hosing up one’s computer and having to do a clean install. Completely. *head desk* What’s the actual size of that sample weaving, for those of us who can’t use the shuttle thingie for accurate scale?


  2. Dave Daniels
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 17:58:33

    Heh, I didn’t want to make any green vegetables for Thanksgiving, either. I also ran out of clean pans, and I was on chef duty, not clean up. 😛
    Your sampler looks cute. And, once you get more practice, you’ll be able to sley in two hours. It’ll come back to you quickly.


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