Ok so I folded, wool sock season is upon us

I know you’ve been breathlessly waiting for a photo of these socks I finished ages ago. I finally fished them out of my hand knit sock basket and packed them along with my camera. I only thought about them this morning because it is finally wool sock season for me. Mmm, sure, a little later than most people. I was wearing sandals yesterday. Today with frost on the ground I decided real shoes and wool socks were in order. Maybe even time to pull out the long sleeve shirts.

And the mystery nameless cowl pattern? I finally figured out the pattern name. It’s the free Gloria Cowl on Ravelry. I’ve been pretty much addicted to cowl knitting lately. Fast, satisfying, stash busting. Will I wear them? Only if it gets cold enough out, that temperature zone where it’s too cold without, too warm with a full scarf. And they are great for wearing under my motorcycle helmet. Or maybe they’re holiday presents. Not sure yet. Next one will more than likely be the Chickadee Cowl. Then maybe I’m finished.

Earl Grey tea. Sip. Sip. Sip.

I started a pair of fingertipless mittens for Knitting Hubby. They are in Ella Rae Palermo in a beige to brown colorway. Palermo is a softly spun single ply so they’ll probably pill and felt, but they’ll be toasty. Rae of PennKnits just finished a green sweater in Palermo and it came out soft and beautiful. Ruby helped knitting by sitting in my lap for an hour last night.

In our destash mode I quickly went thru our barrister case full of fiber related books and magazines to see what I am not in love with or haven’t used in forever. I sold my copy of Creative Spinning on ebay last week for not only more than I paid for it, but even more than the list price! Next will be my copy of Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning and probably a few EZ books that I’ve read but never seem to use.

So what’s everyone planning for Thanksgiving? We usually head out of town to the Oregon Coast or the San Juan Islands but this year Graham said he’d rather just come home. Bought our turkey yesterday and the menu is down to that, gravy, mashed Yukons, candied sweet potatoes, wild rice oyster stuffing, maybe a green vegetable and Graham’s famous Ambrosia salad. Only famous because he has been making it on and off since he was 5.

I finished spinning 8 oz (well actually a little less since there’s a small amount left on one bobbin) of Cabin Cove superwash worsted in the Sunset colorway. I purposely spun it aran/bulky to get out of my worsted rut. Next I have a couple bumps of Harrisville with tweedy nubs to spin. I have a couple in purple and a couple in green. And I have 4 oz each of some real fun rovings I picked up at Knit Purl when we were in Portland. Does this even make a dent in the roving stash? No… I tried spinning from the picked Pelssau locks and even though it was easy peasy to spin I think it would be a better product if I went one step farther and ran it through the carder a few times. Lori Flood says she’s no longer going to carry the Norwegian Pelssau because of the weak US dollar. Glad I could get some when I did. This crummy economy is affecting our art!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 08:11:34

    Yikes – I’ve been wearing wool socks on for at least a month. In fact, a chunk of my holiday weekend will be spent washing socks. 🙂


  2. heideho
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 17:28:55

    What a lovely view! The socks, as always, are fabulous. The locks look like they came off of a Rastafarian sheep. Baa maan, have a nice day!


  3. ArgoKnot
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 19:42:31

    Hi, KitKat,

    First, thanks for looking at my blog! I bet you’re right that Britex hasn’t changed since you were there in the 60s….including the handsome guy behind the men’s Italian wool suiting fabrics counter, waiting to show you anything you fancy!

    Second, you have a great looking blog!

    Brenda (the Ozweaver)


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