Fish or cut bait

Is it the product or the process? As soon as I Watco Danish Oil my Baby Wolf I’ll start warping. Since the BW moved up from Portland I need to keep the wood nice and oil finished here in the desert and Schacht suggests using Watco or Deft natural Danish oil. Knitting Hubby will also be using it on his Matchless.

I’d been sorting and collecting weaving stash on and off since early summer, fun yardage that others on Ravelry suggested for warp like KnitPicks Gloss. Plus I have other yarns, some my handspun, some from others that would mix nicely. The decision now is do I plan out some weaving extravaganza, planned down to the last detail? Or do I jump in with a nice combo of existing stash and weave a plain weave scarf with what I have, the width of the scarf dictated by the amount of warp I have for a 72” scarf plus fringe and have a Christmas present for someone completed. I’m thinking #2. Or even a take on the Malibrigo Pillow project I’d seen somewhere recently. Hope to do it before the weaver’s mojo escapes from the heddle eyes. And while I am in the mood for warping!

On Friday I gave Blogless Kim and No Longer Wheeless Nancy their copies of Warping All By Yourself. I’d given Jessica hers when I delivered the Rasmussen last week.

Meanwhile in other fiber news I thought you’d like to see pictures of the cowls. This one is the cowl knitted in hand dyed merino from Brave New Whorled. I still haven’t take a picture of the second since it isn’t finished yet and I ran out of light any way. The Seaweed cowl is knit in my handspun Polworth/Alpaca/Angora blend that I bought from Liz at Fibers of Michigan last year. I seem to always order 4 oz from Liz and then after finding out how yummy the fibers are write her a panicked email asking how much she has left. So my original order on this was 4oz and I am working on an additional (was it) 6-8 more in fingerling weight. I guess I should/could have done something laceier with this batch of handspun but I’m loving the cowl so far.

I finished spinning the Cabin Cove hand painted roving and started plying late last night before I made myself go to bed. After finishing it will probably be aran to lite bulky I’m guessing. I have a pattern all picked out, not shown on Ravelry yet, at least not as of last week. It’s the Taos Chunky Vest from Tahki Stacy Charles. I saw the sample knit at Yarn Garden and my first thought was my bulky handspun stash. All seem to be in fall or earthy colors and the pattern calls for 5 different yarns and about 240 yards of each. I had been thinking of using this stash for a Twisted Sisters sweater but I think I’d get better use out of the vest.

I don’t take as many process photos when cooking as Miss T over at Mystery House of Yarn and Horrors . Saturday night’s dinner of a potato mushroom gratin chicken in gravy started out looking much her recent post about chicken served savory waffles. I made waffles for Sunday breakfast but didn’t try it with Saturday’s leftovers. Last nights dinner shown above was a hit. Shrimp and scallop tamales in a green chili tomato cilantro masa. The recipe called for serving it over a sauce that would have taken an extra 9 ingredients so instead I bought a jar of Paul Newman’s corn and bean salsa, mixed in the leftover roma tomatoes and heated it up. I would have taken a picture of the tamales plated but they got gobbled up too fast. Leftovers from both meals will mean I don’t have to cook dinner at least twice this week. Yeah!

Ruby and Rufus send their hello’s (as usual please disregard the anti-cat fur couch coverings. It works! – the couch is now 16 years old and the upholstery is in showroom condition!!)

Knitting Hubby gave me some more picture that were to go here and they have disappeared. Dang!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 08:23:13

    You should just jump in and start weaving with anything you have! Seriously, just DO IT. I have yet to plan a project out with anything more than a vague idea, and it’s worked well so far.
    And I can’t believe you’re spinning the Cabin Cove roving. 🙂 TOO cool.


  2. Chris
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 18:14:42

    You started talking about potato mushroom gratin and I was SO CONFUSED, because those were obviously tamales in the photo! Yum yum yum.


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