Didn’t I just say I was going to finish something first??

At noon yesterday I told Kim that I wasn’t going to start something new before I finished the Annie Stole and/or one of my “sleeve island special edition” sweaters. By 8 pm last night I had cast on for a Chullo. I’ve been wanting to make a Chullo, have plenty of odds and ends in my handspun leftovers stash, and, and, and well…just couldn’t help myself! After a bunch of gauge swatching, color switching and indecision I started out with some dark olive nori green Malibrigo for the headband section, transitioning into the same blue handspun I used on the first Hattie Hat. That part gets ripped out tonight though as I mistakenly decided to double the yarn and after an inch it seems to be too thick. Rip rip rip and tonight the blue will be reknit as a single. That is going to be followed by some dark gold to orange to plum handspun, I think framed by the blue again. Ear flaps will maybe be the blue or the malibrigo.

Loomless Jessica (formerly Famous Jessica) is suffering from Loom Fever (and you know me, ever the enabler). My across the street neighbor Neil is selling his 30″ J-Made and I of course have offered to deliver it to Jessica’s house if she buys it. Neil told me he has it ready to send out the door so he can set up his larger loom. (and Neil has offered to help Jessica with the treadle tie ups too)

More later.


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  1. Chris
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 15:00:14

    Nothing like declaring you won’t start projects to get you starting projects…


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