He can’t say I never take him “interesting” places!

So I’d better frame this post with a bit of knitting, right? Since you last heard from me I finished my latest Iro Mitts. It seemed to take long but I was knitting them mostly while on the road to and from Seattle, at stop lights in town and the last fingertip and thumb at home.

And cats, you always like cat pictures don’t you? Knitting Hubby only finds me the very best in cat pictures. Warning, do not be swigging your coffee when you click on the link above!

I’m mostly done with the project at work so no more Cabo Command Center (crummy old trailer on the asphalt) and back to my office. Just in time for my antique (old crappy) office chair to die in the full down position so my group secretary ordered me one of the newly available ergonomic mesh chairs. Kind of looks like a Herman Miller Aeron chair and for about the same price. Since my chair is a “failure issue” and therefore unsafe we get it replaced without charge to my workgroup. Also just in time for me to come down with some flu like bug but more about that later.

It’s always when it rains it pours in this burg we live in. Nothing to do for weekend after weekend and then some weekends a person like me that has diverse interests has to make a decision about how to spend the time. This weekend was both the National Alpaca Farm Days weekend and our Bacchus Raucous Motor Scooter Rally. Go figure! So since I’d been in on the planning of the rally that’s what I did. Of course Friday I ended up working till 7:30 pm so I missed part of the Friday night stuff but not much. I then wimped out and didn’t go to the second event at one of the local taverns where some of our local bands played till all hours of the night. At least 40 scooterists showed up, many from out of town (Seattle, Spokane, B’Ham).

Saturday morning I went to the farmers market and made it to the rally just in time for no breakfast. The long ride was out to Prosser for the annual Catch the Crush weekend. Message to Andy Perdue – I bought a case of wine at Yakima Cellars, plus lunch at Willow Crest, some munchies at Airfield Estates. There were over 40 riders. We filled the back of our sag wagon truck with cases and bottles of wine (minus the space Jeremy’s broken down scooter took). Plus other scooterists filled their underseat storage and assorted tail bags. You – Andy- do the math. (This stems from a long running fight with Andy Perdue, local wine writer that claims scooterists (our rally group) uses the Catch the Crush weekend as an open bar.) Well Andy, I probably spent less than most scooterists this weekend at the crush (and I only tasted 2 wines since I don’t ride and drink).

I rode my motorcycle since I haven’t made/had the time to take the Vespa over to Shumate to have the rear tire repaired. Nice ride! Got home, showered and Knitting Hubby and I left for the Rally BBQ hosted by the Atomic City Roller Girls. They later gave a demo.

They tried their hardest to recruite Jennifer (Hattie’s Mom) and I. I tried using all sorts of excuses to not join. Too old. Nope, there is a 54 year old skating nationally. Would break my hip. Start taking more calcium. Cant’ skate. They’d teach me. It was tempting that we got to pick out our own derby girl names but in the end we (Jen and I) figured that we were not jiggly in the right places. (if I ever get the videos loaded to YouTube you’ll see why).

The rally BBQ featured a punk band (at least while we were still there), the staff of Ink Monkey doing tattoos (nope, not even tempted), the aforementioned derby demos, and lots of wine and beer. We left early, home by about 10:15. Karen and Randy left before we did. That left a lot of youngsters there to party the night away.

Sunday morning we slept in and Karen called to remind me of the rally breakfast at the Fusion Cafe. Fusion put on a great buffet but I just picked at it. By 11 or so I was sick sick sick. I slept from noon Sunday till 10 am on Monday, then the rest of the flu hit. And continues today. Had some toast. Will try some probiotic yougert later. This blog has been written in installments. Time for me to nap again.

Oh ya, knitting. Picked up my Annie stole and worked on it for a while last night. I checked Ravelry last night and there are still only 5 of us working on it! It’s a beautiful stole so a lot of people are missing out.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hattie's Mom
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 12:25:44

    Go Scoot Sistah! Or Knitting Knocker-Downer…I’m working on these Derby names. Had the best time hanging out with you and all our friends at the rally.

    Jennifer Reed


  2. Chris
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 17:38:21

    Whew! You have been BUSY. Hopefully the flu has long passed??


  3. heideho
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 06:35:37

    Love the mittens. It’s a good thing there isn’t a tattoo parlour in Packwood or well all might have succombed to matching yarn balls on our arses, or something equally less appealing for the artist to do. Could you carry your dps out on the floor… nobody would slam into you really hard knowing that they might be impaled with a size 2 birch Harmony. Today I’ll obsess over a possible roller derby name for you.


  4. heideho
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 06:36:01

    sorry about the typos… having a rough morning.


  5. Rae
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 15:05:28

    Nice to see you back from the land of workaholics!


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