Olympic relay fiber prep style

Good thing I took a nap Friday after work cause I needed to rest up for a fiber weekend of Olympic proportion. It all started on Thursday when Graham got a job offer from the law school at Seattle U. He had an offer of continuing undergraduate research at S.U. but it wasn’t full time so he talked to the employment office at S.U. and had a job interview by 10 am on Thursday. He got an offer for more part time employment and it all added up to a 40+ hour week. He’ll be working half his time on a historical project for the law school and the other half of the time doing his research. That meant I needed to get him moved up to Seattle over the weekend.

So I asked for volunteers to ride shotgun on the Saturday trip and when the details included a yarn crawl, Jessica quickly raised her hand. We picked her up by 8 am on Saturday. Graham and I shared the driving. We stopped at Hilltop East but couldn’t find anything we really needed and Annelie wasn’t there to chat with .

We then drove up and picked up Rachel. She and Graham suggested a Puerto Rican restaurant in Ballard for lunch. La Isla was great! Here’s mine.

After lunch we dropped Graham and Rachel off and headed to Acorn Street. I bought some deep purple roving and some Noro and 220 to make Graham one of Jared Flood’s Square in a Square hat. And if anyone is interested, the had a great selection of Kuani. From there we went to Weaving Works and only got lost for 2.5 blocks trying to get there (pretty sad since I’ve been shopping there for 30+ years). My excuse? I was traveling south on 25th, we passed by 47th, 46th, 43rd -what?? Where did 45th go? When we got turned back around duh, we had driven under it, I’d forgotten (like how could I?) that 45th is elevated in the portion by the U Village. At Weaving Works, Jessica picked up all sorts of goodies, I bought some light colored Coopworth roving to try out. When we walked out of Weaving Works we had exactly one hour before the Seattle Yarn Gallery in West Seattle closed so we headed there.

We ran out of yarn store about the same time we ran out of energy so we headed home. Somehow we were starving by the time we crossed Snoqualmie Pass so we stopped in Cle Elem for dinner. Cruised the main drag and found Beau’s pizza. We parked across the street to walk over and the aroma coming from the place was great. So were the pizza’s. I have enough left over for 2-3 more good sized meals this week. We made sure we ate light so we could order strawberry/raspberry/rhubarb pie for dessert. mmmm, pie… Back on the road, Jessica kept us entertained by both spindling and then when we ran out of light, pre-drafting a ton or two of roving.

Today was fiber prep day. We’d reserved the conference room at the local library and set up shop there. (Kim, Nancy, Jessica and I) For 4 hours we had two people running the picker and two on the carder. We were so effiecient that we kept saying “do we need to clean up yet? No we still have tons of time- let’s do more!!!” Here are just a few of fibers prepped today.

First of all – Heide, do you recognize this fiber? Remember a couple of years ago when you sent me a box full of misc roving and locks? A bag coral colored locks was included, we blended it with some coral of Jessica’s and a little sparkle farkle that Kim had brought along.

We prepped enough coral that we each got 1.5 good sized batts from it. We then made sure that each of us got at least one of our bag of locks or fleece got prepped. Ended up that we all got numerous done during the afternoon. Here are more examples.


Pelssau locks from Lori Flood

Pierre the alpaca from Yakima River Alpacas in West Richland WA.

A mix for Kim. Some Pierre, some Traveller and a little silk.

We prepped much much more and we all think our body’s will be paying for it! Time to ice down our joints and sit back to view the fruits of our labor!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heideho
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 19:19:06

    Congratulations to Graham! The yarn crawl sounds like fun… tiring, but fun. The drafted poofs came out so lovely! Please take pictures of the during and after spinning. Cheers!


  2. Dave Daniels
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 03:23:26

    Good luck to Graham. I’m sure you won’t mind going up to visit him. Talking about all the place names I miss so much, like Snoqualmie Pass. (I’ll have to tell you about moving to Seattle with 5 1/2 tons of home furnishings, and the brakes smoking all the way down the pass in a snowstorm!)
    And the carding and fiber prep looks like my kind of fun. I have my carder displayed, untouched, on a shelf. You’ve almost inspired me to try it again. 🙂


  3. Chris
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:19:32

    Congrats to Graham!

    That lunch looks SO tasty. Mmm…


  4. Hazel
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 20:02:29

    It’s been so-o-o long since I’ve seen Graham…he looks great. Your yarn crawl reminds me of our fabric shop hops(which I can’t participate in anymore but love the telling of the stories). Good job Graham! I’m sure you’re pleased. hls


  5. Kathleen
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 16:08:29

    Yum! That lunch looks fabulous! So do the coral fiber and the targee.


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