Your tax dollars at work – rant alert

Not knitting related.

For the past year I’ve work in a government leased office building that was built in the 70’s. During that time they’ve made some restroom “improvements”. New automatic paper towel dispensers, new motion sensing faucets, a new air freshener thingie on the wall. The men’s room it is rumored has automatic flushing urinals.

Today I walked in and over the weekend they’d replaced the perfectly fine pale yellow stall doors with taupe colored doors. (that really does a number on your head if you are still on your first cup of caffeine). And since the pale yellow stall doors were gone but they wanted to keep with the theme, they decided to tile the side and back walls of the stalls with yellow and white tiles from 1963. These do not go with the taupe doors or the brown/beige/light rust floor tiles. Kind of makes me sick to my stomach looking at it all.

What they didn’t address? The fact that you have to flush at least 3 times per visit!! Come on people!

End of rant.

Silly stuff


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 11:49:56

    Hmm, maybe the crazy colors are so you don’t linger… 😉


  2. heideho
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 20:43:39

    let me guess… a man (straight) made the plans for the changes.


  3. Hattie Jane's mom
    Aug 10, 2008 @ 17:51:53

    Maybe it’s part of the new branding initiative…also those automatically flushing toilets trip me out. If you don’t move out the way, they keep flushing and flushing!! P.S. I am mint chocolate chip. 🙂


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