All quiet on the western front

Yes we had to work today. No three day weekend, though I would have loved to have slept in. (we get a couple of personal holidays rather than ones like President’s Day). The building was generally quiet, some of the loud people stayed home with their school age kids. We usually get a few real foggy days per year and this was one of them. Clear in my town, but by the time I was a mile or two from work (and the Columbia River), it was pretty much socked in with less than 100′ of visibility and frozen fog on the road. The fog had pretty much burned off by the time I had to drive in it again.


Relaxing weekend at home. Knitting Hubby’s allergies have kicked up so he has been pretty miserable. I spent the weekend car looking (to replace the deathtrap on wheels), knitting (into ball #4 of the Annie stole), motorscootering (yesterday was a nice 1 hour ride around town), baking (chocolate box cake with fudge icing), steaking (steak not steek), spinning (amazing what you can spin in 2 hours if you put your mind to it), picnicing (burgers in the park on the river), and packing (tiny carry on bag, big knitting project bag).

The car looking consisted of narrowing our choices and scooping the ads online again to see if there was anything new on our possibles list and also just driving to all the lots just incase the newest hadn’t been loaded yet. Not much. Seems that any import cross over vehicle shaped AWD that is getting better gas mileage than a Hummer never makes it to the lots around here. And the few that do have been smoked in. Don’t lie to me used car salesman, I can detect the smell of cigarette smoke thru Febreeze before the door is even open. Capital P-period-Capital U-period.

I have time to finish the cast on for a Men’s Rustic Scarf before they call to board our flight. I’ve been collecting $4 destash skeins of Rowan Yorkshire Chunky Tweed in some other colors to make it with.

Just in case you keep score, all 5 of the other passengers that have laptops out all have Apples! Not a PC in sight. Yeah for our team.

Ciao for now!


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  1. Chris
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 17:41:14

    I had to work, too. Woe is we! Ugh, I hate car shopping with a passion. Good luck…


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