Never stub your toe at 5:25 am

Ouch is all I can say. (I actually muttered something else) I was taking the same route to the cat food bowls as usual but Ruby reminded me that she’d like the drapes open a bit today for bird watching and when I went around the corner I caught my big toe. Dang!

I finished the Moss Stitch Jacket last night, just need to weave in 14 ends and block it (this weekend). I like the back, I like the sleeves, the front makes me look, well jumbo. And like I’ve said before I should have probably made this is one size down. I have most of a ball left (the rest is up for sale at Ravelry) and I’ll be knitting Ruby the little blanket I promised her.

I got so excited that I was able to start my Annie Stole (was Annie Scarf from Queensland Collection but I’m making it stole width rather than scarf width) that I forgot to look up and watch the last few minutes of “House” last night. Last I saw they were wheeling the woman past the window covered in paper so she’d believe it was past sundown. Anyone? Anywho, I did a full cast on swatch of the Kathmandu and figured it looked good 80 stitches wide rather than 72. Took that off the needles and started on the Kid Seta. Last time I owned anything in mohair, I think I was 10 and my Aunt Helen sent me a pink sweater. The mohair part of the stole is going to look great but I can’t wait to get past knitting it. The little fibers float around and mess with my contact lenses (soft). I can’t imagine trying to knit a whole shawl from it.
Daylights savings time starts in one month and 3 days. Excited? Yes I am. That means it’s the start of my full time Vespa commuting again. And what is so exciting about that you may ask? I mean aside from the fact that riding a Vespa is just so darn fun? It means 77 mpg instead of 19 mpg. Gas has gone down to between $3 and $3.10 here. I like spending $7 a week in gas rather than $70 more.

Forgot to post the lutefisk picture. Rufus loves it!
Toe still hurts, time to leave for work. Rufus and Ruby say Laissez les bons temps rouler. And have the beads to prove it.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 10:01:06

    Ow!! Your poor toe. Hopefully you won’t lose the toenail….


  2. hazelspi
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 17:00:02

    I did that once…I know your pain. It lasts awhile. I think I broke a toe so taped it to the next one, that helped but now the 2 toes are perfectly aligned. More snow…anxious for Spring here too. hls


  3. heideho
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 20:37:24

    Ouch! I hope the toe won’t keep you from spinning. Love the lutefisk kitty picture.


  4. Jessica
    Feb 09, 2008 @ 11:47:12

    House . . . I think it was the floating kidney. Easily treated and probably dislodged in the festivities at the wedding.


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