Slow news day at the BBC

Not much going on here either but at least I don’t have to report things like this BBC report just to have something. Or do I? (sorry only works on a PC, no Mac version of the news available)
Yesterday I knew it must be cold and snowy out when Rufus was snoring in bed before I got there and stayed in bed snuggling with Knitting Hubby in the morning after I got up. His alarm clock tummy usually goes off at 4:13 am telling him (and me) that he is just a few breaths away from starving to death. Knitting Hubby reports that cars lost control on our hill and landed in people’s yards. When I left for work an hour earlier very few cars had driven down our hill so it wasn’t as slick. Bombing Range Road was another story. As I waited for a break in traffic, I could see cars crawling down the hill and all of a sudden they were sideways headed towards the ditch. Glad to get out of there and on to the main roads! Granted the snow around here is nothing, but drivers freak. But late in the afternoon I’d made the FedEx run and my truck died twice at intersections and then in the office building parking lot. Something wrong with the electrical system and not the battery. So Knitting Hubby had to do a rescue run and come get me. Today I drove “death trap on wheels”. The truck worked well enough to get me to our mechanic’s only dying once on the way. Kevin is going to get it checked out and give me a call. This mornings commute was a crawl cause it was shear ice most of the way and one of the main intersection lights was set to 4-way stop. grrrrr.

This is what noon looks like here this time of year. Cheery isn’t it!


Last night I tinked back the last 5 rows that by my count will got me back to where I continued my P2togs long after I was supposed to. I was on such a roll…sigh. I got about 15 rows up the pattern and all of a sudden I had the wrong sequence going in my moss stitch. Crums. More tinking tonight. On the good news front, I am happy to report that the front panels match up with the back panel exactly. A “so what” in your book? On the back panel I knitted the prescribed 13.75″ before the raglan decreases and it came out to 56 rows. So on the front panels I knitted 56 rows and then did all the raglan decreases. Any variation in row gauge would have thrown this way off on US11’s and mine is a great match. So in my little world, I am happy.

I finally got a copy of EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket. Now the big decision. My scooterific friend Jennifer is having a baby on Cinco de Mayo and I want to knit a baby motorcycle jacket (for fall wear). I’ll add a Vespa patch to make it official. I first thought about knitting the Baby Bolero from One Skein but the baby would probably get 3 wearings out of it before baby grew out of it. So a sweater instead. If I get really ambitious I’ll also knit a Baby I-Cord Beanie and maybe duplicate stitch details on it so it looks like a motorcycle helmet.

~~~later that same day~~~
Finished the right panel on my Moss Stitch Jacket, frogged sleeve 1 and restarted it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kmkat
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 00:28:14

    “Bombing Range Road”? WTF? I’d avoid that route if I were you, unless you drive an armored personnel carrier.


  2. Chris
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 07:27:46

    What is it with those kitty tummy clocks?! “I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying!”

    Yikes – sounds crazy icy out there. Hopefully nothing too $$$ with your truck.


  3. Miss T
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 08:13:30

    Fingers crossed for a safer commute tomorrow! I love the idea of the tiny knitted helmet. :o)


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