Rabid Albino Squirrel

Baked just enough cookies to take a tiny plate to work and leave the rest here for the guys to eat (the batch below). Only about 4-5 of us will be in the building tomorrow so we decided to bring a few cookies in each (other plate not shown). I have most of the batch of the uncooked sour creme sugar cookie dough saved for Graham so he and his friends can bake and ice later this week.

Knitted part of a sleeve to see what kind of gauge I’m getting with Rowan Yorkshire Chunky on Harmony 11’s. I am right on with the stitch gauge, the row gauge is another story. I’m going to knit up a big ol’ swatch and block it tomorrow to see what changes and if the yarn blooms. (rumor has it that it does but looses body in the process)

Only a half day of work tomorrow and then I’d better do some xmas shopping. I am way way way behind in it this year.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 04:30:50

    EEEEEEK! And i’s got red eyes!
    Run! Run for the hills!
    Have a great holiday!


  2. Chris
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 10:04:45

    Eeeeeeeeek! is right. 🙂 Happy holidays – and don’t let the squirrels getcha.


  3. Cathy-Cate
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 12:36:30

    That is one scary squirrel! I think it should have been Rabid Albino Squirrel from HELL….
    Happy Holidays, and I too today need to figure out what else is needed for Christmas presents, and possibly brave the M— this weekend (now that’s a real swear word this time of year) so good luck to both of us!


  4. heideho
    Dec 24, 2007 @ 14:33:47

    I hate gauge swatches because I can NEVER knit and have it work out with the suggested needles and yarns. Hopefully someone bit the head off of the possessed squirril cookie! Enjoy a wonderful Christmas.


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