I am soooooo not entertained

1. Last night I went to sync my iPod and when iTunes came up there was no music in the library. Nothing. Nada. Checked the path making sure the music was where it was supposed to be stored and it was. Or so the computer claimed. So I had to tell iTunes again where it was.

2. I set the iPod to sync again and when I woke up at 3:20 am, I decided to go check on the syncing only to find that none of the music, videos, movies, audiobooks or vidcasts had synced, only podcasts and then only some of them. And they weren’t under podcasts, they were listed as music. So I tried syncing again before I left the house. Wish me luck.

3. I sent Cassandra an email with a recipe in it. I typed in the name of the recipe as the subject line. When I sent the email, Gmail.com changed the subject line to the email address of someone I’d written earlier in the day. Then this morning I got an email from Jessie and she said when she tries to email from here at my blog, her To: line automatically types it as @gmil.com rather than @gmail.com. I checked my WordPress account and it’s ok there. No telling what’s going on…

4. When I dropped my Vespa over at the service center to be worked on it was a nice day. Friday and Saturday when I had time to go pick it up and ride it home, the weather was crap. Maybe I can pick it up sometime this week.

5. Knowing I had to be at work really early, and it being Sunday night, I couldn’t fall asleep till past midnight last night. The alarm went off I swear immediately afterwards even though the clock did say 4:10 am. Oh and see #2.

6. Good news here, my usual Tuesday latte place opens at 4 am. So I was able to stop by on my way to work.

7. Only to find that I had no electricity in my office when I got here. The city had cut the connection to our building over the weekend (planned outage to work on some major infrastructure improvement) and when the juice came back up it blew the circuit breaker to my part of the building. Good news here? I had sock knitting to do while I answered the phone by the light of the emergency lighting in the hallway. When the sun comes up I’ll take a progress pic.

8. I keep checking on my Delta reservation to DC for next week. I am still in row 393, seat Q for my Salt Lake to Reagan National leg. I keep checking ever hour or so for a seat farther forward to hopscotch to. My Atlanta to Salt Lake is almost as bad. Oh and no seat assignment at all from Pasco to Salt Lake. grrrrr

What was entertaining?
1. I made kat pancakes for breakfast yesterday. One per pan. The other ones are just odd shaped pancakes.
2. I sewed Kritter Kozies for the local Pet Overpopulation Prevention Center. I’ve donated blankets and towels before but this time decided to sew polar fleece blankies. The woman in the office next door volunteers for them and I was given an armload of fleece if I would do the sewing. I made them in all sorts of sizes, plus some as quilts for the momma kitties with babies. Ruby helped do all the sewing, half the time in a chair next to me and part of the time on my lap. The rest of the time was spent shooing her off the table. I have 11 out of 15 done.
3. The most entertaining? I got around to looking at my phone late in the evening and noticed I had a voice mail from Wheeless Nancy. I listened and cracked up so bad! She called to see if I remembered what shawl pattern she was knitting. From the new Evelyn Clark book, from our yarn crawl last August. Like I can remember?!?! After I quit laughing I called her and we walked through the book and figured out, we think, which one it was. And we both though the same one. Which was good because it was the one Nancy was about 18 rows into. Of course, this is tied entertainment wise with Blogless Kim singing the Knitters version of “The Weather Outside is Frightful” to everyone at Friday Night Knit Night!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeanne
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 18:52:10

    Wow – no wonder you aren’t entertained. The iPod/iTunes thing happens to me every few months – usually when I don’t have time to fix it before leaving for work. And so I’m stuck on the train with two songs. Hope your week gets a little better!


  2. Dave Daniels
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 19:21:07

    That’s awful that you’re having such troubles with syncing. (That seems to be a common complaint I’m hearing…)
    And that catcake is adorable.


  3. dreadlordvellan
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 19:24:22

    Back when I worked a roster, I used to love early starts.

    But an early start on a Sunday morning sounds like…uh…not a lot of fun. 😦

    You get to knit at work? I’m so jealous! I wouldn’t hate 3 hour meetings so much if I could take a sock.


  4. heideho
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 21:14:43

    I am so there with Wheelless Nancy on remembering patterns, etc. Most of the time I just give up and frog the mystery knit. Hope the flight assignments can be improved. I love that you’re sewing cat and dog cozies. We used to donate older towels, etc. too, but now that we have children we keep using the old towels. We bought my eldest an iPod Nano for Christmas. I hope it doesn’t have troubles syncing… or anything else for that matter because technology intimidates me. Do you have a recording of Kim’s singing?


  5. Chris
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 08:49:33

    Dang, you have had a rough few days, haven’t you??? Bummer about the ipod. No suggestions – I hate itunes, so I use WinAmp and ml_ipod… Hope things go more smoothly for you from here on out.


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