The further adventures of Blogless Kim

So what does Blogless Kim do when she’s not working, spinning, knitting and taking care of her family? Sailing tall ships of course! Remember when Wheel-less Nancy and I went on the whale watch tour, Kim was in the same waters on a weekend of sailing on the Adventuress. The Adventuress is a 136 ft historic gaff-rigged scooner built in 1913 and this past Friday was Kim’s second adventure on her. The Adventuress and the Zodiac made the front page of today’s Seattle PI newspaper copied and pasted below. Click here and look for Oct 13, 2007.
I hadn’t downloaded pics from my camera in a while – obviously. I finished spinning the 7-Up roving quite a while ago.

Fall is here so I took a walk on the Yakima River today and enjoyed the gold leaves.
Can you see the face hidden on the pipe? Or is it just me that’s crazy? Hint – it is not the Virgin Mary you’re looking for or I would have already cut down the pipe and had it for sale on ebay.
Here is another place I’ve always loved in the fall, nice picture. Anyone know where it is?
I have my first Composed Mitt almost done – about 6 rows to go. It’s a fun knit!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hazelspi
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 19:50:01

    The pipe – I stared at it long and hard and squinted but, alas, no face. Reminded me of thoss abstract pictures years ago where you were supposed to see an image of “something” if you looked long enough…never did. Our fall colors have peaked but still some beauties left. Love your pics. hls


  2. Blogless Kim
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 20:44:18

    SO MUCH FUN ON THAT SHIP . . . .Thank you for showing that picture, it makes me very happy and calm. Which helps because I am sunburned and have sore muscles agin, YAY!


  3. Dave Daniels
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 03:36:58

    I THINK I SAW JESUS! No, really, the image on the pipe looks like the Shroud of Turin image, and that tiny scratch is the nose. Creepy that it stands out so clearly.
    And that top photo is fantastic! That’s some framable art.


  4. Chris
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 05:55:47

    That green is lovely indeed…


  5. PirateDave (aka Knitting Hubby)
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 10:35:47

    You’ll have to please excuse my wife; she obviously sniffed way too much cleaning fluid(s) in her art classes thru the years when she sees faces in pipes!!! One has to ask the question – “Why would anyone even go out looking for faces on a pipe”??? And to think I’ve put up living with her for 25 yrs (yikes!!!!).


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