The plan and how it’s working

I used to try spinning one day and knitting the next so the needles and the wheel wouldn’t feel neglected for more than one day. I called this Plan A. When I started the Casual Cables Cardigan I was on sock two of Mom’s birthday socks and just had to get those done. Neglecting the CCC. Then I started (and finished) a pair of handspun socks again not adding enough inches per day on the CCC and getting farther and farther behind everyone in class. And I started spinning some nice BFL that I just happened to have already pre-drafted and ready to go. No No NO. Time for plan B.
Plan B = No socks on needles. No spinning. No even glancing in the general direction of the wheels. This lasted for about two weeks. It almost hurt. On to Plan C.
Plan C = Knit 1″ of CCC a day, then reward myself with spinning, knit Faux Cowgrrl socks stopped at traffic lights on days when the weather is too crappy to motorscoot to work. So far so good. Here is some chocolate romney I started on Senor Froggie so Knitting Hubby could just take over from there (using the skills he learned from Tom Knisely at The Mannings 16 years ago)

Did I tell you what Knitting Hubby surprised me with this past weekend? A Loki!!! You think I am spazzie on a bottom whorl? You should see me on a top whorl. It makes me laugh when Loki goes flying across the room. Loki is the god of mischief so it all makes sense. Loki is shown with the uber squishy merino alpaca blend roving Famous Jessica brought me back from OFF.
OH OH I am so excited! Just got word that Mr. Pink will be visiting next month and I’ll be taking him to our local Veteran’s Day parade. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Pink, the details can be found here.

I have joined UFOctober (and you should too since there are prizes). Here is my official goal list:
Finish Faux Cowgrrl Socks
Get 75% done on Casual Cables Cardigan
Spin 4oz from Famous Jessica into sock yarn


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessie
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 02:39:47

    I’m having problems with a similar plan, since I have big projects both on the needles and on the wheel. The every other day thing isn’t working here either.

    I love that roving, but I thought the Loki was an apple sitting on top of it! Yes, it’s early, but you’d think “Find the spindle in this photo” would not be a real complicated game for me.

    More coffee.


  2. Rae
    Oct 05, 2007 @ 08:58:29

    Big projects are tough. I find it best to break them down into manageable milestones. For example~ one sleeve, one sock, the back. And then reward myself~ START A NEW PROJECT. But, hey, I’m no one to be talking. My goal today is to photo ALL of my unfinished sweaters with pattern. hint hint… I have more than you.


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