Party raided by cops, news at 11

Friday I got off work, came home and knitted a couple rows on the Basic Cable Sweater. Two wheels across the room kept sending low frequency messages for me to sit and spin but I was strong. Skeins of yarn in the back bedroom lured me in more than twice, enticing me with their color, their softness and squoshiness. I was strong. Good thing. If I had even glanced at a sock pattern I would have weakened. I only had to make it until 4:30 pm when I put my knitting bag under the Vespa seat and rode into Richland for the meet up of the Baccous Racous V Motorscooter rally.

Dinner and registration was at a sports bar in Kennewick (ick). Food was pretty darn terrible and I was going to be true to my FNKN clan so ducking out at 6:30 was easy. Pictures are still in the small camera, didn’t think about downloading them until I wrote this so you’ll see them later. Nice group at FNKN and I got 4-5 rows done on the sweater (ready for my cable row).

Saturday morning we met at 9:30 for the ride over to the rally breakfast put on by Shumate Power Sports. They put all the Vespas on the sales floor into a circle and in the circle had set up breakfast inside it. And impressive 40 scooters showed up some trailering from Spokane, Portland and Seattle. At least two guys from Seattle rode their scoots over. The mid day ride was one of the funnest I’ve ever been on! In case you want to play along, it took us south out of Kennewick on Clodfelter, west on Sellards, north on Travis and then down Webber Canyon. Webber was the VERY BEST! Oh man too fun, steep twisty stuff that on a bike would have scared the pee outta me. On the Vespa it was just plain big grin fun! The lunch stop was at another real bad tav, this time in Benton City. (We pretty much have quit stopping for lunch during our rides any more cause the restaurants are so bad in the little towns)

Saturday evening was a BBQ with two bands scheduled. Burgers, dogs, wine, beer, salads, the works even for the resident Vegans. When it got dark, all the younger riders (the 20-40 crowd) all the not so young crowd sat around the tables to listen to the first band. Four young guys, hired to get them some exposure. OK they weren’t the best. I could recognize the Wilco songs and a few others. All sat around the fire pit, all of us were very nice and quiet, just chit chatting. All of a sudden the music stopped. Neighbors had called the cops to shut us down. We couldn’t believe it. (but maybe the band sounded worse if you were a few houses down) So we never did get to hear the headliners. Phoo

Today we got up nice and early to deliver Graham back to school. Since there was a Seahawks game and it was also move in weekend at U of Dub we decided to head over to our usual stop at U Village. You’ve seen the food before so this time I’ll show you a wall sconce.

Looked the goodies at Ravena Nursery.

The drove downtown (no southbound I-5 traffic!!!) to Seattle U. Graham and his roommate are both Bannan Scholars and the scholarship pretty much pays for them to live in a 700 sq ft upperclassperson apartment on campus. Sparsily furnished but oh so nice and roomy. They don’t have their million dollar view of Elliot Bay this year but do have lots of leg room! Here are a couple views of just the living room (and their tiny bit of furniture)


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  1. Chris
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 05:44:05

    I like how well the sconce and the flowers go together!


  2. Reulgeprire
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 03:23:16



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