Whale Watch Yarn Crawl 2007

Wow, finally rested from our two day adventure. Here is the play by play with some pictures. If I can get the flickr photo set to work right you’ll see even more!

We left at 7:30 am on Friday and hit May’s Espresso in West Richland, bought our latte’s, took the back road route to Ellensburg and stopped in North Bend at the usual place to top off the truck gas tank. That put us into the parking lot of Hilltop East yarn shop at 11:07, right after they opened. Nancy hadn’t been to the Seattle area shops I took her to. I bought the chocolate brown Debbie Bliss Aran I had been looking for to knit Mom her latest Fake Isle hat. We poked around in Hilltop for quite a while and realizing we had a long way to go drove to our next stop.
Thanks Nancy for being the on-board navigation system!! It was a big help. Even though I had been to the first three shops, I had never driven from one to the next. Nancy was in charge of reading the Google Maps print outs and helping read those tiny little green street name signs.

Our next stop was Acorn Yarns on 55th, up behind the University Village Shopping Center. I love the personality of Acorn. Plus, when I walked in one of the staff (maybe owner??) stopped by and gave me a brief hello. About 9 seconds later she came back and said something like “Hi, it’s you, the woman that came in a few months ago with the two college boys”. They must have made a big impression on her during our last visit. I’d gone in there with Graham and Jared in mid-June and while I was looking at yarn I could hear them giggling in the back. Yes two 20 something year old college guys were trying on all the funky knitting glasses and taking pictures of each other. Then when the staff maybe owner woman asked if they were my sons, Graham and Jared told her how they’ve been best friends since the 4th grade, sometime after Graham punched Jared in the eye during class. (we hadn’t heard about this till 2 years ago). And they went on about how they feel like they are brothers though. SO one of those things must have made an impression on her. I bought a book on spinning and Nancy bought a brand new book by Evelyn Clark about how to design Triangle Shawls. So new that it hasn’t shown up on any of the on-line books stores!
From there we got lost going to Weaving Works, but not too bad, we didn’t look at the Google Map. I hemmed and haughed over purchasing some beautiful dusty goldish Frog Tree Alpaca lace weight to knit a flower basket shawl. But logic won out. I knew I would probably never wear it. Meanwhile we touched and played with everything in the store.
From Weaving Works it’s a short hop to I-5 north. We had decided to pack picnic lunches rather than spend the time and money going out to lunch. (more yarn mula!!) Good plan because we got stuck in stop and stop (slower than stop and go) traffic until we were well north of Everett. At one point we traveled all of 3 miles in over 45 minutes. So we ate our lunch during one of the long stops. Great planning! Our next stop was Wild Fibers in Mt Vernon. Right downtown. Cute downtown, though as usual in small towns a large number of papered up shop windows. The shop had recently opened. Not too much stock but was cute inside and had a great classroom in the back.

From there a short hop to Knot Just Yarns in Burlington. Small shop good amount of stock. We chatted with front desk woman for a little while and then realized that if we hurried we might be able to get to AnaCross in Anacortes. By the time we got there (got stuck in rush hour traffic in Burlington – I am not kidding) AnaCross was closed. We could see the owner on the inside and did our best sad puppy faces. She unlocked the door for us and let us browse till they were done with the till!!
Nancy and I went out to dinner, cruised around Anacortes and then checked into our hotel for an evening of dedicated knitting. And wine drinking. (not much actually since I brought half of the bottle home, but we gave it a good try)

On Saturday morning we woke up to fog so thick that we couldn’t see across the street. Breakfasted, checked out of the hotel and drove to the dock where Captain Sean gave us a safety talk and a run down on what goes on during a whale watch. And told us that you got a bottomless cup of coffee for $2. Well they were going to loose money on me with that deal!
We traveled in pea soup for about 1.5 hours. I felt so good in the cold, I loved it, Nancy loved it. Captain Sean came over and apologied to Nancy and I about the fog and the cold and I told him that that was one of the things I was there for. He thought we were crazy but we explained that we both really were enjoying the cool weather since we were sick of 100 degree days.
Oh yeah, whale watching. No Orca’s this trip but we did get to see harbor seals, sea stars, all sorts of assorted sea birds like Auklets, Guillemots, Herons, Bald Eagles and Terns. And we saw harbor porpoise, Dall porpoise and grey whale!! Those were the most exciting of all. The grey whales were feeding in real shallow water west of Sequim. We got to stay until Captain Sean said it was time to high tail it back to Anacortes. Nancy and I took our knitting out again and had some dedicated stitch time on the way back. (I worked on my socks, Nancy on her Norwegian sweater cuffs)
The drive back was stop and go, an accident ahead of us, State Patrol chasing people. By the time I got home I was TIRED!! Leafed though my new spinning book, downloaded photos and hit the pillow. Here is the link to about 1/2 the photos I took. Try clicking here and then telling it Slideshow http://www.flickr.com/photos/drb/sets/72157601391614938/


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heideho
    Aug 12, 2007 @ 22:01:17

    Oooh! It looks like you two had a wonderful trip. And you both behaved admirably in the presence of great temptation. Real live yarn stores are such a treat (I do most of my shopping on-line). The pictures are wonderful.


  2. Dave Daniels
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 05:07:16

    Ok, it’s official. You can kidnap me and drag me along on this trip! This is my kind of adventure. And, throw in a quilt shop, and it’d be like I died and went to heaven. Great photos on your Flickr, too…but there seem to be a few missing…


  3. Chris
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 06:47:32

    It sounds (and looks) like a great getaway!!


  4. lisa
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 15:28:01

    My dh is sitting here harrasing me and he says ‘Seattle has the BEST yarn shops!’…’Look at that, mobile yarn shops, they live in the back of that truck!’ Looks like a blast!


  5. Blogless Kim
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 18:07:25

    Wow, you guys looked like you had a great time. ME TOO! The Adventuress (1913 tall mast schooner) was a ton of fun. Wasn’t that fog kind of cool, we were off Decateur Island Saturday morning so the fog burned off and we all got to play salty seadogs after that. Not quite close enough to moon each other!


  6. Sachi
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 07:46:13

    Good lord, what a yarn crawl! Wasn’t Acorn Street a hoot?


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