Low mileage

Woo-hoooooo! (stealing the woo-woo from Cabin Cove this morning, who hasa a much better woo-hoo now that he and Miss Lulu have moved into their new place) I won I won I won a prize! I entered Rae at Pennknits contest on how far they traveled on thier recent vacation to, to, from and in Montana. I was the closest estimate at 2222 miles, their actual was 2198 miles. I had the lowest mileage spread and won two skeins of Knit Picks Sock Landscape in Tropical Sunrise! Here’s my winnings!
Contest? Did someone say contest? Yup right here boys and girls. As you may remember, Knitting Hubby does a lot of his knitting out of town. Places with real art museums and actual culture! He and Graham are always great about filling up the digital camera memory cards with tons of art for me. Here is a snippet of a painting for you, know who this is by and the name of the painting? If so, the first person to tell me in my comments section will win a sock bag with goodies inside. I know some of you are saying that you don’t know anything about art history. That’s ok. I am hopefully opening your eyes to color inspiration

My only rule will be if you have won one of my art history contests in the past, let someone else give it a try!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heideho
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 11:36:01

    Isn’t this Cousin It from the Addam’s Family?


  2. heideho
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 12:24:28

    Actually, I believe that is a dog on a table from Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party”. Up close it has a similar style to Mary Cassatt.


  3. kmkat
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 16:32:29

    I was going to guess something unknown by Mary Cassatt but it looks like heideho beat me to it.


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