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Searching on something else on google last night, I ran into a Flickr slideshow that is extreme yum!!!! Take a look at the work of flwrhead at Trailing Yarn. Fun photography, beach knitting, kitty kats, fiber and some photos of stuff you just wouldn’t think off. A very satisfying watch with occasional blurry macro shots which I seem to be quite guilty of a lot.

Knitted one more row of my (never ending) Carrot Cake sweater in prep for my last sweater class this evening. Then switched over to my wasabi tank. Which is looking nice and cool and the size of an actual tank. I never did put my Lendrum DT back into the guest room so the siren’s song was very strong and before I knew it, I’d predrafted the 4 oz of superwash merino from I’ve been inspired by the sock yarns being spun by Aija at and wanted to give her hand dye a try. She gets 300 yds from 4 oz, I got 230 out of my last 4 oz (the BFL). I am trying to spin the merino finer, but not lace weight so I am spinning very slow and controlled.
Not sure where Aija gets her merino but let me tell you how much I love it! My first taste of merino was from Ashland Bay and I hate the slick hand it has. I still have oz’s of it back in the stash that I should de-stash cause I don’t like it. Aija’s merino is finished different and has a hand that I truely love. And I love the fact that she included two of her FW pearl stitch markers in my order. She has a great Flickr slide show too! Click on sockpr0n.


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  1. elizabeth
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 09:05:44

    Hey! Thanks for the compliment and linkage! What a neat blog you have! I might take some of that Ashland Bay merino off your hands, keep me in mind if you decide to destash it. It was the main yarn in the BSJ I just knit and I wouldn’t mind having more in my stash. It’s not as fun as handdyed merino, but still pretty useful. Thanks again!


  2. Chris
    Jul 12, 2007 @ 17:13:39

    Oh, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this spin!


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