I’m this many

Hi! I’m Rosemary. When I came to live with Momma, Daddy and the Boy in February of 1993, the vet said I was probably 7 months old. So they decided that my birthday was the 4th of July, 1992 and we’ve celebrated that day ever since. Fireworks, BBQ, orange sherbert mimosa’s, the works. OK so I don’t get to have any mimosa but I am old enough don’t you think??
For those of you not into knitter math, that’s 5 toes times 3 paws equals 15.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 00:01:01

    Ha ha ha, that is GREAT! Happy birthday!


  2. kmkat
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 00:21:55

    That goes polydactylism (sp?) one better! HB, Rosemary!


  3. Heide
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 06:25:59

    Happy Birthday Rosemary! You don’t look a day over 10! Your Mama and Dad must take excellent care of you. I think it’s very generous and humble of you to share your birthday with the United States of America. Many kitties would deem themselves too important and refuse to divide the festivities.


  4. Chris
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 13:29:43

    But… Cats only have 4 toes on their back paws…. 😉 Happy birthday, Rosemary!


  5. Sachi
    Jul 05, 2007 @ 19:45:51

    Although the extra paw sort of freaks me out a bit, happy birthday!


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