And the winner is…Cathy-Cate!!

Cathy-Cate correctly identified Unlucky as a rabbits foot on June 6 and included this haiku with her entry.

Lucky; Unlucky.
Depends on your point of view.
Not such a bad life!

She then went on with way too much time and not enough knitting on her hands, to write not one but two Country and Western songs about Unlucky. If you are squeemish – don’t read on. I’m going to tell you all about Unlucky.

It all started on May 16 with Chris mentioned the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in her posting about cute little bunnies. The next day when I was walking between buildings here at work Nuttall Cottontail rabbits (our local wild guys) kept hopping out from behind bushes and cars and coming in my direction. Chris thought that I was being tramatized by the bunnies.

The next day, a few feet from the side door of my office building I found the leg bone and just a hind foot of one of the Nuttalls. Coyote Momma obviously had hungry mouths to feed nearby but I don’t know why she left the rabbits foot. I named him Unlucky and started reporting progress to Chris. For some reason the landscapers for our building, who usually do a great job of blowing leaves and picking up debris in the parking lot didn’t touch Unlucky. Unlucky moved a bit during a nasty windstorm and was on his way to being a great mummified rabbits foot but last week we had rain. After that nature started taking its course and today Unlucky is nearly gone. Kind of sad. I’ll miss him.
Here are the CMA Award winning tunes penned by Cathy-Cate:

**To the tune of Achy Breaky Heart:
Tell it to your foot
Your Lucky rabbit’s foot
Tell Unlucky how you need him so
Tell him you miss him
Teach him how to swim
Or he’ll float away right out that door!

Take him to the office
Tell him that he’s soft — it’s
Only what Unlucky needs to hear
He misses his three friends
His happiness depends
On knowing that you love and want him, dear.

Don’t tell your foot
Your lucky rabbit’s foot
Exactly why “Unlucky” is his name
Though you may think he’s keen
On days numbered 13,
He’s named for the poor rabbit from whom he came.

(Sorry about that last line, you have to sing fast to get all the syllables in — NAMED for the poor RABBIT from whom he CAME.)


**Now a classic, as some purists would not call the above song Country & Western:
To the tune of “Your Cheatin’ Heart”–

Your rabbit’s foot
Will tell on you
You’ll cry and cry
The whole night through

The world will know
Unlucky’s woe
Your rabbit’s foot
Will tell, you know.

Through rain and heat
So far from home
Unlucky’s fate
Will now be known.

He’ll tell of three
Old friends from whom
He was cut off
And sent to doom.

“Lucky for whom?”
Unlucky’s plea
“Lucky for you
perhaps —
— Not me.”


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heideho
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 02:52:43

    Phew, I’m relieved to hear that it’s merely the severed limb of a large, cuddly rodent. An unused prophylactic would have been gross.


  2. Cathy-Cate
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 03:43:43

    A USED prophylactic would have been even grosser, heideho!

    Hmm, I didn’t foresee that this was a wild rabbit’s foot in its natural habitat. We have many bunnies (cute but destructive baby bunny on my blog last night!), and no coyotes in town, but there is a rabbit pancake in front of my house since yesterday.

    Hey, I was knitting as I composed! It was something to do on a long car trip home. Easy knitting, though, I admit, or I would not have had excess brain cells. The songwriting might have been easier if I actually knew more than 3 country songs. (and I couldn’t make Stand By Your Man work)

    Love the Holy Hand Grenade reference — my sweet-looking blonde blue-eyed daughter last year at the age of 8 dressed up as the Killer Rabbit for Halloween. Yep. She’s twisted. And our family invariably counts 1, 2, 5. I think the girls have Holy Grail memorized, except I fast forward over the end of the Castle Anthrax scene when they watch it.


  3. elan
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 13:04:04

    Cathy-Cate you probably don’t have to fast forward at that scene it goes right over my 9 & 10 year olds heads, my 13 year old now has to leave the room at that point, he’s so embarassed.

    I think we need you to write another song along Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire, lines.

    we’ve got tones of wild rabbits here, I found the hole to their Den this week in the Hostas, our dog is not much of a tracker.


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  5. Chris
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 04:23:27

    The secret is revealed to the world! Love the picture…


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