First Foray

That I can think of this is my first foray into spinning a wool/tussah blend. Either because I am terribly tired (maybe from the 99 degree heat we had today, it’s 85 at 9:30 pm. I hate summer) or just plain inexperienced in it but whoa. I don’t know the ratio of the blend, it’s some roving I picked up at Taos Sunflower last year. It’s a slow go. Let any tension off the twist and sproing, the single falls apart. Not my usual good time was had by all, spinning some kind of 100% wool.

I’m not complaining (even though it may sound like it!) I am asking for helpful hints from you experts out there!! Do I just live with it and keep spinning? Anything I can do to make this a more pleasurable spin? Or will it all be better in the morning when I am more rested? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. Dave Daniels
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 10:28:10

    Ug, I hear you, I HATE summer, too. Those temps are just not right.
    I have yet to try spinning anything other than wool (regular and superwash), so I’m watching you to see how it goes.
    Hope you find some a/c or cooler temps soon. 🙂


  2. Miss T
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 14:13:16

    Weather that hot messes everything up! I have no spinning tips, but I sympathize–I hate hot weather, too.


  3. Chris
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 15:45:46

    Dang, really warm there! It’s 61F here, projected high of 73F. With more rain, of course.


  4. heideho
    Jun 03, 2007 @ 15:59:35

    Obviously I’m the last person to offer spinning advice, but I can complain with you about the tussah! I just spent yesterday with my drop spindle and some tussah/camel blend. It required constant juggling to keep the spindle from crashing to the floor and unwinding. And there are little hairs now floating around the house and stuck to my clothing. As a result any baking or cooking done in the next few days may have some added fiber. I’m glad it isn’t 99 degrees here… and that we have air conditioning. Stay cool.


  5. Nancy
    Jun 04, 2007 @ 04:38:16

    I do not like summer either and this weekend was so hot!! I got nothing done because I was totally listless.


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