I’ve never felt so old

The explanation is a bit further down in the post.
I had a marvelous Mother’s Day weekend! My parent’s rolled into town late Friday afternoon. And we all know what that means…a manditory guest appearance at Friday Night Knit Night. Mom stayed and chatted with everyone, had a great time. Poor Dad got a bit bored with books (we meet at Barnes and Noble) and hates malls so we only stayed 30-45 minutes. But they both enjoyed meeting all the knitting friends I talk about. They’d had a long day driving so we called it quits pretty early anyway.

Saturday was a day full of the best (almost) free Tri-Cities entertainment money could buy. Don’t know about where you live but here it is feast or famine. What feels like months will go by and nothing to do around here. Saturday there was tons so we narrowed it down to three.

We first went to the Classic Car Show and Shine in downtown Kennewick where Dad and I of course voted the 1937 Alfa Romeo our best of show. I failed to capture the grin on Dad’s face when the owner fired up the Alfa and drove it up the street.
Then we had a picnic lunch before heading to Fiber with a Twist. Blogless Kim and Famous Jessica were there. That’s where I would have been all day if Mom and Dad weren’t in town. There was an entry fee but they lowered it for us since we’d missed the morning. The fee enabled us to be in the door prize drawings. Mom and I both won! So between the two of us we won 5.7 oz of Alpaca. (I later spun some up and made a mini skein for Mom so she could feel it. She has already laid claim to whatever I end up knitting from it!) It was fun seeing vendors I know from farmers markets and meeting (and buying from) new vendors. Did I mention I, um, bought roving? One pound of 80% wool/20% cashgora. Oops did I leave any for you Jessica and Kim? If not, I think we need to split this pound up and have fun dyeing it. I also bought camel down and some Romney yarn for another hat and mittens set for Mom. (She loved her Fake Isle hat, wants mittens to go with it).
From there we went to Paddle in the Park (or what ever the kayak show was called). We sat Mom on a park bench (not interested) and Dad and I walked down to all the boats. If the spinning wasn’t on the same day as kayaking, I’d have been at the kayak thing all day as usual. (my kayaks outnumber my spinning wheels by one)

Sunday we got up (too) early and drove to Seattle to spend the day with Graham. The snow level on Snoqualmie Pass was almost to the road but great weather when we got to Seattle. Graham took us on a tour of the Seattle Public Library just down the street from his campus. You can take a tour of the library here. I’d forgotten how much I love libraries. Yes we have libraries where I live, even a university library with, for this area, is an impressive collection. I worked there managing a collection and doing research for four years. But, I am afraid it and the area libraries are all whimpy ass libraries that don’t do anything for the me. I have no desire to spend any more time than required in them. I’d forgotten the feel of the paper, the ripple of the crash under the endpapers, the crease of the joins, the fonts, the smells, the visual of miles and miles of stacks. My brain and heart were very very very happy in the Seattle Public Library. I wanted to spend hours days weeks months there. But Acres of Clams was calling us.

Ivars has been at Pier 54 since 1938. I was weened on Ivars. I’ve been feeding seagulls there since I could stand on my own. I love the original Ivars cause if you yell 2 doubles, 2 salmon, and 2 cup-a-whites you know those kids carrying 20 fry orders in their heads at one time are going to get it 100% right. (unlike all fast food restaurants you know where they only carry one order in their heads and screw it up by the time it travels from their ears to the order keyboard) Graham has been eating there since he was an infant too. Rain or shine we always eat outside. Yesterday we wandered into the restaurant portion to use the restrooms after lunch and on the way out were looking at the photo collection. A lot of the photos showed the front of the outside fish bar at various times in its history. Oh look I said to Graham, here is 1955 (the year I was born) and then I did a double take. OMG, it just as well have been 1955 BC. Right then and there Graham realized his mother was born back in the olden days. sigh.
So to make me feel better, we went next door to the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop so I could see the shrunken heads, the plastic dog doo, the spinning wheel put together wrong, the Lord’s Prayer written on a grain of rice (couldn’t see it without my reading glasses), and a whale dork (could see it without my reading glasses).
By then Graham needed a study break (to study) and Mom and Dad needed a nap. So I delivered them to their respective places and walked down to So Much Yarn and spent over an hour there. When I got back to the hotel I realized we’d forgotten to go to the new Seattle Art Museum Olympic Scupture Park. I loved it all of course, Dad just didn’t get it. Oh well. It has what must be the best knitting chairs ever. Or at least in Seattle’s top outdoor venues. Take a look at these chairs at the sculpture park, put there just for knitters I’m sure, and look at that view.

We ate dorm food for dinner and then I headed home. It was a fantastic weekend!


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  1. heideho
    May 14, 2007 @ 15:48:30

    What a glorious weekend. I can’t believe you did so much in just 3 days! I’m really bummed that there isn’t a picture of the whale dork… okay, so maybe not. I’m drooling over the description of your pound-o-pleasure acquired at the fiber festival. Graham is a handsome young man. Ivar’s rocks. I love their chowder.


  2. Dave Daniels
    May 14, 2007 @ 15:55:11

    I can’t believe you went to Ivar’s and didn’t call me!!! My two favorite memories of Ivar’s was being brought there for the first time as a tourist, and then bringing visiting friends there when I lived there. (And then there was the time we were feeding the gulls and one pooped on me!)
    Sounds like such a great time.


  3. Chris
    May 14, 2007 @ 16:36:14

    I feel exhausted just reading everything you did! Whew. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


  4. elan
    May 14, 2007 @ 17:29:06

    WOW, classic cars, kayaks & fibre sounds like heaven to me!


  5. Judie
    May 15, 2007 @ 03:38:43

    So sorry I missed meeting your parents. I was still recovering from Packwood. Maybe next time. Sounds like your weekend was great!


  6. Jeanne
    May 15, 2007 @ 09:00:03

    I can’t believe how much you did in a weekend! Sounds like a fantastic time.


  7. Sharlene
    May 23, 2010 @ 23:34:25

    this is s cool. I was amazed as I was reading this


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