One is the loneliest number

Ok so I thought this was funny. I signed up for a Best Fit sweater class at my LYS. Last Thursday I went to my first class and went in with my knitting bag, pattern, yarn etc. Jemi-Lee asked where my sweater was so we could test measurements for fit. Huh? I was supposed to bring a sweater? I really really had to think about whether or not I owned any real sweaters. Except for that Fair Isle 16 year old UFO in the back of the closet. I fessed up to owning no knitted sweaters.

When I got home I remembered I own exactly ONE. A very nice rustic looking fair isle cardigan in dark grey, oatmeal and hot cocoa. Moss stitch I think. 60% cotton, 40% wool. Store bought 17 years ago and freshly dry cleaned 2 weeks ago. I wore it today to work rather than a fleece and fell in love with the sweater all over again!

I am at 9.25″, well on the way to the 11″ I need before a little bit of arm hole decrease on my She-Gansey. I’m taking the truck in to get a hitch installed tonight so I’ll have good waiting room knitting time. When done I’ll own 2 whole sweaters!! Woooo whoooo!!!
Later that same evening…
I got half my hitch install done. Uhaul put rookie trainee on the job. You could hear him unwrap the hitch, hear a few tools drop, hear a few cuss words. And then silence. About 15 minutes later he came out to confess to the shift manager that he’d never put a hitch on a truck with the underbed spare tire. Shift manager went back and got it installed by 7 pm and then they closed. I have to go back in tomorrow after work to have the electrical done.

This Uhaul has no “waiting room”. I sat on piles of boxes to knit. Cardboard gets a little hard real quick.
Question for you all. This photo is saved as 6″ rather than 5″ (what you see will depend on your monitor). Same small file size though. Do you like the larger photos?


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  1. Chris
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 20:22:46



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