How did your evening go last night? Mine went a little like this.
5:20 pm Arrive at Safeway with my grocery list to make butternut squash/chicken empandnadas. Safeway is out of rotisserie chicken, has no squash, no cilantro but does have puff pastery so I purchase that figuring it can thaw out under my scooter seat.

5:40 pm Arrive at Yokes Market with my grocery list. Purchase a rotisserie chicken, squash and cilantro spending a couple of dollars more cause Yokes is even more expensive than Safeway.

6:10 pm Arrive home and note that the puff pastery hasn’t begun to thaw even though it was 64 degrees out. Maybe my under scooter seat storage is insulated?

7:05 pm Dinner is served. Yum! No pictures.

7:25 pm Dirty dishes thrown in dishwasher.

7:30 pm Set up swift, ball one skein of Claudia’s Handpainted and decide to call my new socks “Plum Crazy”. Using the Rainy Day sock pattern from Magknits.

7:37 pm Not wanting to upset 2 Maine Coons from their after dinner nap, decide that the lighting is better anyway if I sit on the floor to knit.

7:40 pm Cast on gauge swatch #1. Not even close.

8:00 pm Cast on gauge swatch #2. Not even close.

8:17 pm Say screw it and cast on for the picot hem using WAGGM (wild ass gauge guess method). Pick stitch up from crocheted chain thinking “I’m probably picking up the wrong part and it will be just like Nancy’s crochet chain that wouldn’t come undone.” Have a glass of wine.

10:57 pm Think “Crap, how did it take me almost 3 hours to do one piddley little picot hem. If this fails I’ll tear it back and put a 1×1 rib on top” Picot hem does come out good for what its worth and it appears that the un-gauged sock top will fit just fine. Crochet chain was just like Nancy’s. Cats move from couch to follow knitting hubby to the bedroom. I take their warm spot on the couch.

10:58 pm “Oh I think I’ll try just one repeat of of the Rainy Day pattern”

11:25 pm “Double crap. How did I drop that stitch and why did it run 4 rows down in the pattern section where I can never recover it”. Look at clock and realize that Miami Ink was running back to back episodes and I’d better get to bed.

Midnight Think I can tear back the sock to the picot hem and just do stockinette?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keanalee
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 17:38:20

    As long as yran was involved there is never a wasted moment.


  2. Chris
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 21:08:20

    I’m a big fan of stockinette socks – very relaxing. 🙂


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