Name that sock yarn!

No contest, just can’t decide what to name my new sock yarn so I know what to name the socks. My BEAUTIFUL extra cool spring sock yarn came from Keana today. Along with 3 skeins of Rowan Biggie Print. I didn’t even remember winning the Biggie Print, I thought Keana had two winners and I was the custom dyed sock yarn.
Keana had asked for suggested colors for the sock yarn so I looked through my already knitted socks and realized I needed some very spring like colored socks with greens and yellows. The sock yarn uses Cestari 100% Superfine Merino 2 ply as the base. It’s a brand out of Churchville VA. I can feel already that the socks are going to come out squishibly soft cause the yarn cakes make you want to take them in your hands and… well I’d better quit cause this is beginning to sound like something you wouldn’t want to run into during a google search.
Remember that squall that was headed my way? it hit about 15 minutes later. Did I get my fertilizer and grass seed put down this morning? No cause I was at the local quilt show most of the day with Blogless Kim and Even More Blogless Nancy! We had a fantastic time, ate too much lunch afterwards, spent too much money on goodies. Even bought a surprise for someone. Can’t say what it is or when the receipent will get it.



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  1. Keanalee
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 12:27:12

    OOPS! Commented in the wrong box, I am glad they found their way to you, I got the yarn at an LYS. I never heard of it before either. Can’t wait to see them knitted. Though I have to tell you on the ball that has some white in it the yarn snapped as I was winding it so I loosely knotted it back together so you could weave it in to the sock, it is about 3/4 into the ball.


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