More birds Momma

I leave in the morning this time of year and Ruby is birdwatching. I come home and she’s in the same spot. Ok she probably napped all but 10 minutes of the day but she’s in the same spot.

Finished object report. Fake isle is blocking. It was a fun fast knit. Next time I find someone to knit it for I’ll do it with more contrast. But the good news is I stash busted from both my handspun and store bought stash.
Top detail.
And while blocking. I’d show you a picture of it on my head before blocking but it’s a bit goofy!

I’ve been internet messaging with Graham. He got his grades for winter quarter. 3.925 GPA putting him on the President’s list for the third quarter in a row. At SU you need a 3.9 for President’s list. That’s taking honors courses for engineering and science students, has his math minor already and is picking up one in physics to go with his Mechanical Engineering major. He works so hard and we are so proud of him.
*****END OF MOM BRAG****


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 03:28:59

    Congrats to Graham!! 🙂 I like that hat – sometimes I think Fair Isle has too much contrast – this is nice.

    Great picture of Ruby!!


  2. heideho
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 04:03:28

    The hat is absolutely perfect. I agree with Chris’ assessment of Fair Isle often containing too much contrast to be asthetically pleasing. And a big congratulations on Graham! My nephew was just accepted into the UW to study chemical engineering and we’re very proud of him. Hopefully he’ll do as well as Graham. My girls are all a long way off still from college, but I’m apprehensive about financing, etc. We’re teaching them to march, etc. so that ROTC will be a plausible option. Ruby has quite the dream life!


  3. Jeanne
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 09:19:24

    Congrats to Graham! I hope my son does as well this semester. He’s in his first year, and first semester was the typical all over the place as far as grades. Cute hat – I love that you used handspun.


  4. LaDonna
    Mar 23, 2007 @ 19:13:16

    Beautiful hat and congrats on the grades!


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