Spring has Sprung

I tried sleeping in yesterday, I wanted to be well rested for once. Made it till about 9:45 and probably could have slept more if the cats weren’t so excited about birds. Birds Momma Momma there’s birds Look Momma birds out the window Momma Momma birds in the tree in the back Out front at the feeder Momma. The bed even though not by the bedroom window became a race way to the back window to see and hear all the birds. So I got up, made a cuppa coffee and opened the front door so they could hear the birds even better. Then like we always do, I lifted each cat in turn to look and smell out the front screen door. Oh they love that. Rosemary gets the most excited. She’s the only verified hunter. A couple times when she was young she figured out how to push the screen out of Graham’s bedroom window and when she came back in she left the beak and feet of her present for Graham on his pillow. How nice! I opened the back slider the rest of the day and all three cats spent most of their day there.

Spring has sprung enough to sit on the front porch and knit yesterday. A few more rows on my marled socks. Later last evening I knitted about 3 more rows on the Santa Cruz hat for my Mom and decided I hated it. So I ripped it all out and put the yarn back in the stash. I’ve had some handspun I did last fall from roving I’d bought at the Taos Sunflower in Arroyo Seco, NM last year. It has greens, blues, oranges and some sparkly stuff in it.
pumpkin-patch.jpgI had some dark green heather 220 so I’ve combined those two to knit the Fake Fair Isle from MagKnits. It’s coming out cute and I think Mom will like it. When I get further along and you can see the pattern emerging better, I’ll post a pic.

Big decision time. I finally got my travel expense out of pocket check today. Only took a darn month to get processed! It’s $196. I can do a couple of things with it. I can put it in my funny money account. That’s the one I bought my scooter out of last year. mmmm I do want to upgrade to a bigger bike. Or I can spend some of it on knitting. I don’t really need any more books, I just ordered a bunch of handspun/ hand dyed sock yarns from various sources last Friday, I could fill in the blanks on some circ needle sizes but that sounds too practical. A few more bobbins for my WoolLee Winder? Maybe. Any suggestions???


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave Daniels
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 16:27:27

    How about putting it towards a new camera? Or some knitting software? I like the bobbins idea, I never have enough of those. Gosh, I can spend your money in ALL sorts of ways.


  2. Chris
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 17:22:21

    I’d put it in your funny money account until you have a stronger sense of what you want! I love Taos Sunflower. And I love how excited kitties get about birds!


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