Retrograde knitting

Holy-moley. Another weekend of retrograde knitting. I spent mitt-knit class tinking and asking Judie what the best way to fix little color mistakes was. Did I use all my mitten mojo on the bright orange ones I knit last week? Was the orange that powerful? Time to come back to earth with some dull easy brown socks?

Friday I took Rosemary to the v.e.t. for a checkup. She’s almost 15 and has been losing weight. Dr Small thinks she might have hyperthyroidism. Well join the club! I am on meds for my Graves Disease version of it and am fat as a (fill in the blank). Easy fix with cats. Labs come back Monday.

Ruby and I have been birding this morning. At one time I bet there were 3 dozen birds between the two main feeders, the ground and the tree that the feeders hang in. Mr. House Finch was even feeding today. Don’t see him very often. One of the very few things I miss about living in the DC area is the eastern US birds. So much more colorful than what I have here. So any of you that think I am nuts for posting a picture of a house finch and getting all excited, that’s why. (picture borrowed from a birding website)
Yesterday was fun. Three of us went for a walk to the top of hill behind Badger Mountain Park. The weather was nice so I rode the scoot there. Then we tried out a new Pho restaurant (new to me at least) in Kennewick. Pretty good. By the time i rode home and packed up it was time to drive over to the mitt-knit class.

It sprinkled all last night. I’m waiting for the roads to dry up a bit and then I’ll scoot into town for a late breakfast and read the newspaper while I am there. Then home to clean house and probably do some spinning.


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  1. Chris
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 20:27:34

    Poor Rosemary!!

    House finches are gorgeous – nothing funny about that. 🙂


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