Twenty Four and a Tink Fest

(not named after the TV show that I don’t watch). I decided to take up Elisa’s challenge and starting today at noon-ish will chronicle my typical boring winter day. Summer would include happy me on my happy scooter. I’ll show 24 hours and it won’t take 24 weeks of some TV show to show it. Camera’s in the truck, so it my camcorder (though I don’t know how to load a movie on a blog).

Last night I was home from work by 6 and even though it was $2 cheeseburger night a the local tav, I cruised our deep freeze for dinner. Couldn’t see eating ham hock and bean soup for a third night. A frozen entre’ with roast beef and potatos won out. It wasn’t too bad. Did some rounds on my sock, answered some emails, checked my Netflix account for what was coming next and by this time it was, oh boy, 7pm. (The Illusionist has a long wait on it, so I probably will be getting Mahapurush, Awakenings and another Deadwood. Every time I sat down on the couch in my knitting spot, Rufus would come over and complain that his Daddy wasn’t home. We entertained ourselves by taking pictures in Photobooth on the Mac.
When I finally got him settled down next to me I picked up my squirrel mittens. These aren’t that hard you know folks. Then why did it take me 5 rounds to figure out I’d done the wrong color combo (and there are only 2 colors) in one of the diamonds on the palm. Jeepers. Tonight will be a tink fest on that one. Aside from that I am happy with them. The colors I choose are nice, the squirrel I think will show up great. Got more done on the sock that I was sure I’d have finished LAST weekend.


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  1. Chris
    Feb 07, 2007 @ 19:13:10

    What a great picture of Rufus!!

    Whew – I was afraid you were going to post some spoilers for 24 and I wouldn’t be able to read your post. 🙂


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