Sock Model

Now I just need to find an artsy fartsy venue for sock modeling! No more trying to take pictures while sock one is on one of my feet, or my lame pictures of socks on a rock. I present to you “mannequin foot”! (and yes, this is still sock #1. Sock #2 is down the home stretch. Other projects, ahem, got in the way) I should probably find a stocking to fit over the foot too so it’s closer to my skin color.
I had a “little boo boo” last night on my sock #2. I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and I evidently can’t talk to the Hubby and knit at the same time. I finished picking up the gusset and had gone 9 rnds before I realized I had continued with ribbing on this sock and not on the other. #^@!*$%^#!!!! Good thing I needed to take a break and go buy milk. When I came back I tinked back to each of the purls on the instep and had to take each one down 10 rnds and build them back as knits. Took some time but I succeeded in the rescue.

Have you seen the Seduction sock pattern at Interweave Knits? I downloaded it last night. Seduction is currently Hubby Dave’s yarn of choice. IK considers them bed socks, I think perfect for all around sockiness. The pattern is a variation of my favorite baby cable rib, but the twist is done every 8th rnd instead of 4th and they throw in a YO.

Hubby Dave left on a 5am flight this morning meaning we got up at 2:45am. And as usual I tossed and turned until my alarm went off. I am slammed. No amount of caffeine is going to help today. And you know me. I need my coffee on a good day!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Feb 06, 2007 @ 19:48:58

    Thanks for the pattern link! I love your mannequin foot!


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